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I agree with those who suggest painting or staining it. Since you're moving anyway, maybe you could bring it to an auto repair shop that refurbishes leather car upholstery. This sofa in black or really dark brown wouldn't be so bad.....
I also like the idea of adding legs. Good luck!

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2/7/10 09:55 AM

I think this is a really handsome kitchen. I agree with those saying pale gray, or maybe another light neutral if you don't like the color you have. The problem with a dark or bold color is that it will completely dominate the dining area and just make the kitchen look busy by highlighting the tops and sides of the cabinet and making all the cabinets pop forward. I'd say go relatively neutral on the walls and bring in bold colors through artwork, window treatments and/or gorgeous fruit bowl-dishes-glassware. You can always change it over time.....

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen/Dining Room? Good Questions
9/23/09 08:54 PM

Definitely take the shelves above the fireplace down and paint the black light gray or another lighter tone (including the detail just above it).

You might consider something like the customized RAKKS suspension shelves (with cabinets below) sold by The Shelf Shop in Manhattan ( They are handsome, and you could take them with you when you move. They would also frame the fireplace to make it seem less like it's sticking out into the room, and you could avoid installing anything in the masonry, which is hard.

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5/21/09 08:41 PM

$2800 is going to go so fast, especially if you do custom work. Try using as much from IKEA -- especially Udden and the other freestanding parts -- as possible. They have dishwashers that fit with their sinks units, and nice stainless steel back splashes. I would also consider leaving the current refrigerator (if it works) where it is and putting the sink and dishwasher next to it to the right, then running a counter or shallow table across the window. Yes, you may have to kneel on it to open the window, but it would be a nice workspace.

How deep is your stove? Could you remove the cabinets on the slanted wall and put the stove there with a cart beside it to hold pots? Then you could hang cabinets and/or shelves above these and the sink.

If you go with IKEA, try to be strategic and buy as much as possible at the same time in the store. Their maximum delivery charge from the store is $100 (up to some enormous weight limit), so that is a good way to minimize delivery charges, which can be considerable.

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5/15/09 06:18 PM

It's nice -- painted white, black or a rich color and it will be great. I'd keep the glass and consider decorating it so that it's only semi-transparent. Maybe it's a bad example, but I can picture painting large blades of grass on the inside, but not completely covering the glass so you'd see a little of the books or other contents behind. (If you paint the back of the glass, remember you have to start with the final details first, then add the background, opposite from the way you usually paint a picture). Another example would be to use a bold wallpaper -- cut out the pattern and glue it to the inside of the glass so the background would be transparent glass. Something like that might be fun.

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8/18/08 07:18 AM

How about a chain across the drawer? Metal on metal shouldn't show too much, and it's so low it wouldn't be too distracting. At rest, it would be pretty flat to the drawer. But you might want a handle to grip, maybe a metal, wood or plastic tube attached to or strung on the chain like a big bead........

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5/7/08 10:14 AM

I think the orange and purple are a beautiful combination in that room, and the mural is an awesome source of inspiration. Regarding the 4th wall, how do the colors relate to the room you see through the archway? I would probably stick with the orange, and use the purple as a strong accent color, as you described. The fabric is gorgeous too. I love the idea of framing it or using it for a runner on the table.

The table could use a rug, since it is close in color to the floor, but you won't see a rug very well and it could get food stains, so I wouldn't invest too much in that. Instead, I would put some money toward a nice pendant lamp or fun chandelier -- maybe on a dimmer switch for entertaining.

One final suggestion would be to add a narrow credenza or hang a shelf or something along one of the big walls. It's nice to have a surface away from the table to put dishes from the previous or next course, or just display objects. I hate to say buy more furniture, but something is missing there. Good luck!

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: How Should I Finish Up This Room?
4/24/08 10:53 AM

If you're planning to paint anyway, you can look specifically for a piece whose finish is not in great shape -- it will be less expensive. Also, I would strongly consider using oil paint-- it's harder to clean up but will hold up much better.

Have you considered having some fun with the grid of a card catalogue? Maybe paint the drawers different shades of white-grey-black? Or add a couple in a bold color?

good luck!

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2/22/08 06:16 AM

(I admit that I haven't read all the posts carefully, so I'm sorry if this repeats others' ideas...)

Depending on the available space, of course, would you consider putting the dining table and chairs by the window? It would be a nice place to have breakfast, read the paper, and perhaps spread out some work during the day, and would give everyone more room at dinner time, too. Then put the sofa along the left wall, and the bookcase where the desk is. I would consider using the brown wall for a longer, taller, leaner desk/shelving/storage system with enough room to enclose the office items and attractively display things as well. If the TV can move to the corner where the bookcase is, then that nook by the door could hold a filing cabinet or other floor to ceiling storage unit (maybe cabinets or something simple from IKEA) to relieve some of the clutter around the desk. Then, finally, you could add an armchair floating out to the right of the sofa , in front of the bookcase to break up the space a little.

Just a few thoughts. Good luck!

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2/21/08 06:55 AM

we'd love it....thanks

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1/28/08 06:17 AM

We've been puzzling over the same question. Urban Outfitters has some floor cushions, and we've considered getting just the cushion for an outdoor ottoman from Restoration Hardware (nice color selection but they're more expensive).

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7/26/07 08:40 AM