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Amazing that a major study hasn't been done on this recently... (feng shui has known it for thousands of years though, hasn't it?) All comments seem to reflect bits of what I feel. I am mostly clean/tidy; but when I lapse, I know something is going on with 'me' and also that sometimes I love to clean, but other times it is sort of hard to get started, but once I do.. it all feels so much better.
It is definitely something that changes your space much more than just the dust and grime getting removed.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Can Cleaning Your House Change Your Mood?
10/4/08 01:41 AM

I am so surprised everyone loves this so much. To me, it feels like the pictures were taken before anyone actually moved in... where is the evidence of human habitation? It is nice to look at I suppose, but only like a magazine shoot is... I like a home to show some of the character of the people who live there, and this one just doesn't do that.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Tour: The Worden's MC Inspired Modern Build
10/3/08 12:42 AM