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My wife and I both have fine / temperamental hair, we tried Burt's as we use a lot of their other products. It was mediocre at best. We have had great results using Kevin Murphy from Australia. We live in Canada and get it from our salon. The packaging is bio-degradable as well.

Four SLS and Paraben Free Shampoos
1/25/11 10:06 PM

Okay I'll admit it... I went back to look for the humping possums... there they are.... distracting the unsuspecting from the flashing red light of a camera in record mode.. am I right?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Get Some Privacy... Using Bookshelves
10/29/09 01:56 AM

Better yet..invest in a high quality duvet (it means down), it will keep you warm in winter and cool in moderate summers. I am able to say this as I live in the Yukon... I spent close to a thousand dollars (Canadian I know) when I moved up here and haven't regretted it yet...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 5 Mattress Heating Pads That Will Keep You Warm This Fall
10/29/09 01:50 AM

Dallas .... nicely put.
dunklekatze you get bonus points for the appropriate use of the term dildo... I would also have accepted Douche... I have several Eames and Saarinen pieces in my house and my daughter sleeps in a Stokke crib and eats from a Stokke high chair and yet I am still happy to tell you that I have several pieces from Ikea... all of which are more than two years old.
PS your dinner parties must be a riot!

Apartment Therapy DC | Roundup: Top 10 Fall Finds at IKEA
10/27/09 03:28 AM

This is a DIY for sure. As you said the price is not unreasonable since it serves double duty, however 2 sheets of birch ply and low or zero VOC stain or paint is a third to half the cost. And as a bonus you can involve your child in the process of building and painting as opposed to the process of getting in the car and going out to spend money.

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | Deskhouse: Fort Meets Art Station
9/20/09 08:55 PM

The chairs are Kartell Mademoiselle .. they are available in several patterns and no they are not cheap. Then again nice and cheap don't happen often.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | A Garage Transformation Maison Decoration
4/15/09 03:18 PM

The space has some nice elements but I agree it looks staged in a way that doesn't match the owner... not all dogs will sleep on a bed, my wife and I have spent hundreds on different beds for our two Komondor. But then again their coats weigh about 35 pounds each (dreadlocks) so they kind of wear their beds.

Apartment Therapy New York | Modern Minimalist Bachelor Pad The New York Times 1.23.09
2/3/09 05:50 PM

Tamara that was my initial thought as well... I am a Somellier and there are some nice bottles that rack. But anyone who knows me would say that I would work around practical thoughts like that in order to please my daughter. And since we live in the Yukon (we just finished a month of -30 to -50C temps) I can see myself making one of these for next winter (my daughter just tuned 1).

Apartment Therapy New York | How To: Build a Simple Indoor Swing (for winter)
1/15/09 06:20 PM

It sounds like we had a similar Christmas, my wife bought me the All Clad 13inch French Skillet. She has already reaped several rewards from that gift, paella and Goan coconut prawn curry to name a few. Buy it once - use it forever.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | In Praise of the Really, Really Big Pan
1/8/09 07:11 PM

Clear only.. colored lights are a challenge for me. They always seem to sparse when compared to the same amount of white lights... unless you truly commit a la "Clark Griswold". Having said that, this year I wired some colored lights in ice blocks along my pathway. They are color changing LED lights in rectangular blocks of ice. The nice thing is that I can have them all clear for dinner parties etc or colored for fun.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Holiday Lights: All White or Multi-Colored?
12/12/08 01:31 PM

At thirty I am living in my 41st home. I have also lived in 7 countries. And no one in my family was in the military. My grandparents were British Diplomats so my father lived in over 20 countries. By now I just say that it is genetic wanderlust. I was born in South Africa, grew up in Europe, Canada and the States.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | AT Survey: How Often Do You Move?
12/9/08 01:24 PM

Sold... I just received my new doors for my arctic entry (since we live in the Yukon it really is an arctic entry... -23c today). We are doing a complete gut and I was trying to figure out an accent color for the wall as you come into the house. It is only 4 feet wide with a floating bench and this would be a perfect color. I had been thinking of a citrus orange but since our ground floor is Benjamin Moor Raspberry Truffle and decorators white I was worried about it working. This however is a great match. Now all I have to do is find a way for my hardware store to match a Pantone color?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Color of the Year 2009: Goodbye Blue Iris, Hello Mimosa
12/3/08 06:22 PM

Can I put a Mac logo on it... just sayin'

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Dell Design Studio: Customize Your Dell Laptop
12/2/08 11:57 PM

Our favorite local coffee shop "Baked" has half a dozen of these for patrons. One thing to keep in mind if you have a busy eating area or a toddler running around is that the legs stick out further than most people think. On many an occasion we have had to hold onto the seat as distracted customers kick the legs as they are passing. Our 11 month old daughter is happy for up to a half hour in this. If we are going to be longer in the shop we bring her in in her Chameleon stroller and push her up to the table. At home we use a Stokke Tripp Trap as we really believe in the philosophy of a family meal. Chairs such as the Peg Perego Prima Papa really seam to isolate your child.
And to reply to mgx my daughter also sleeps in a Stokke crib and has a Britax carseat... but we also have an education fund that will pay for her education here in Canada or in England. We are also in the midst of renos on our home.
Don't go into debt for flashy gear for an infant. But if you have the means and believe that there is legitimate value in a product then you should not be judged as wasteful or shortsighted.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: How is the Antilop Highchair?
12/2/08 11:54 PM

We have 3 Komondor (Komondorok), Huge white hungarian sheepdog with 3 foot long dreadlocks. Not only do we wipe them down but they only go outside in the winter with cordura boots on. When it is wet out during our minimal summer they wear gore-tex boots.
When we bought our house we renovated our back entrance for the dogs. We have a drain in the slate floor and two sprayers to clean them off.
When we bathe them it takes 6-8 hours under 4 commercial dryers to get them half to three quarters dry.
And yes they are worth all of the work and more.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Survey: Do You Wipe Your Paws?
12/2/08 11:18 PM

Once again AT thank you. As a South African who lives in Canada it is awesome to see international appreciation for South African designers. The embargo's of the eighties and early nineties led an already creative people to be more creative and self sufficient. The Cape is easliy one of the most cosmopoliton areas in the world.
I have already sent an e-mail price request and am going to look into shipping options on several pieces.

Apartment Therapy DC | House Tour: Haldane Martin's White Nest Cape Town
11/18/08 10:18 PM

I second the Tivoli. My wife and I have this
They are not cheap but the have incredible sound for a small package. We place a premium on sound quality as we both love music. Our main stereo is Rotel and Band W.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Radio Alarm Clock Recommendations?
11/18/08 05:04 PM

Forget the kids. I want that. I have seen slides in offices (high tech, advertising and design studios) but never in a house. Awesome.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! SunkenBackyard Slide
11/7/08 01:25 PM

That is an antiquated sexist remark... I am a stay at home dad (10 month old daughter). I know it's not the "norm", but I have 7 friends who are also stay at home dad's.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Extreme Ironing, Women's Dirtier Hands, and a Couple Ideas for Extra Paint Chip Samples Los Angeles Slinks for 11.07.08
11/7/08 07:38 AM

Blik also have the Boodalee graphics along with a multitude of other child appropriate ones. These ones are a great value at $45 but then again if you spend $2007 on a limited release Eames elephant you probably don't have much left in the nursery budget.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Wall Graphics from Boodalee
11/6/08 02:05 PM