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Very timely. Thanks, Maxwell. We're at the same point with my parents.

I think the first thing that needs to be done is to have "the talk" with parents about what they'd like to do when the current home and their health no longer get along. Whatever the plan is, it should be one they're happy with, preferably one they came up with or have at least had significant input on. Please, readers, get a plan in place before it is needed. It will be hard enough to implement THEIR plan when the time comes, never mind having to "force" one on them that they might not be too happy with, especially if time is short. Mid-60s is not too early to bring this up and get the plan in place. Sure, there might need to be variations on the theme, but if you start early enough, many contingencies can be covered.

Now, about independence. Everyone likes to be as independent as possible. And why not? There are many flavors of improving things for the elderly, whether it is moving to a one-floor place on the ground floor, having a visiting nurse, moving to a progressive assisted living facility, etc. For some families, the hard part is the emotional stress of the parent thinking, "They're sticking me in a 'home,'" or the child(ren) being afraid that the parent might think that. But many facilities today are much more modern and home-like, not industrial warehouses for the aged. And, those places can offer medical support most of us can't.

You might be in the same situation as me—5 of the 6 family members, including dad, are all for making a change. But that doesn't mean we're 83% there. Quite the opposite. Mom's perception is 95% of the issue. And despite efforts to talk about it over the last 10 years, we're a little late in the game, as she now shows symptoms of "sundowners," which is forgetfulness toward the end of the day (early signs of dementia, not limited to Alzheimer's).

So, please folks, bring it up and make a plan they're happy with. There are counselors out there with specific experience in guiding families through the process (I am not one of them).

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3/17/14 12:24 PM

What besquirrely said!

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3/11/14 10:14 AM

Pocket doors are the ticket.

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2/19/14 02:09 PM

Very well done. With that quality a job, she could do historic renovations. I have seen houses on the historic register that have faux oak restos done by supposed experts, and they didn't look nearly as good as Sarah's.

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2/19/14 10:47 AM

Does it work on teeth?

I kid. I tease.

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1/27/14 11:30 AM

You won't need your winter clothes as much, but you WILL need them.

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10/16/13 12:21 PM

I had a roommate who let his dishes, pots and pans pile up weekly, overflowing from the sink to the counter. I would get sick of it and do his dishes. I talked with him about it several times. Agreement to change every time. No changes. One weekend he returned home from a trip to see his parents, to find I'd piled all of his dirty kitchen stuff on his bed. He was pretty upset, claiming it never needed to go that far, I was being drastic, etc. But it never happened again.

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9/3/13 01:05 PM

I don't know if "weird" is the right word or term here. Unusual, non-standard, different, sure, but I don't think any of these are weird. Some not my favorites, but I wouldn't call 'em weird just because I don't like them.

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9/3/13 12:44 PM

One thing you'll find about Atlanta is that hardly anyone is from there originally, so a great question to ask is, "Where ya from?"

Also, because it is such a transitional city, you'll find people eager to help you get plugged in socially and at work. Everyone was the new person at some point, and this is a beautiful aspect of how Atlanta's culture developed because of it.

Building Community: 5 Great Ways to
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8/28/13 05:17 PM

Although I am the first male on my dad's side eer to earn a 4-year college degree, and mine is the bicentennial class of my university (so we have unique diplomas), I've never hung it up. It's not even framed. It just hasn't been a priority.

Do You Display Your Diploma?
8/19/13 02:47 PM

As much natural light as possible.

Use mirrors.

Tips for Lighting Your Home from a Pro Designer Real Simple Magazine
8/15/13 01:13 PM

Don't miss Michael Schwab's excellent National Parks poster series. We have the Marin Headlands one framed and hanging in our house.

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8/5/13 01:07 PM

I've had a 1TB LaCie drive for almost three years now, and it is great. Came in very handy when the drive in my iMac died. I just brought along the external drive to the shop, and they reloaded everything from it to the new drive in the iMac.

Under $100: 10 External 1TB Hard Drives for Backup Duty
8/5/13 01:04 PM

When we lived in Atlanta, we bought a native hydrangea at an endangered plant sale. Before land had been cleared for construction, a conservation group had combed the property for native plants to dig up and sell, the proceeds supporting the native plant mission. This was with the approval of the property owners.

The hydrangea we bought had long, white flower spikes that looked like fireworks exploding in the night sky. That shrub flourished and was beautiful. We sure miss it.

Oakleaf Hydrangea: A Charming, Native Shrub
8/5/13 12:53 PM

I like it. It's weird, but I like it. Very cool concept and artist's statement.

Wallpaper Comes to Life: The Unusual Art of Beth Katleman
8/5/13 12:45 PM

I want to try them all, and the varieties suggested by others posting above.

Will s'mores become the next donut or cupcake craze? I could see a s'mores food truck doing the rounds. Oh, yeah...

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7/31/13 10:02 AM

Ugh. That should read "important."

Do You Ever Travel Other Than To Visit Family?
7/26/13 12:17 PM

Absolutely! While the extended family is imprtant, there is also an "us" to foster. Travel for just us makes our relationship that much better, and satisfies our curiosity and need for adventure.

Do You Ever Travel Other Than To Visit Family?
7/26/13 12:15 PM

I've always "kinda" wanted to go to Vegas, but this guide has tipped the scales to "must go." Thanks!

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7/26/13 12:09 PM

Don't forget the Virginia-Highland neighborhood. Great shops and restaurants there, too! Not far from Piedmont Park and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

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7/25/13 11:16 AM