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I absolutely adore that bathroom.

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10/21/10 05:02 PM

Amen Arcaydia & JoVCU!

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9/21/10 06:07 PM

I don't have a lan line. I have dsl, but don't need an active phone line. I do have a vintage phone. I do miss the ring. I keep thinking about getting it hooked up again. But, I really wouldn't use it enough.

Moving Survey: Do You Have a Land Line?
8/23/10 09:35 PM

I live in an apartment w/o a washer and dryer. I do have a portable washer, though. I hang all of my clothes to dry inside. I don't have a place to hang them outside. The only problem I have is that it takes two or three days for my clothes to dry. When I have fallen behind on my laundry, this can be an issue.

Hanging Out The Laundry: The Downside
8/17/10 01:56 PM

I like the couch in the photo. : )

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7/30/10 02:31 PM

I have seen small apartments like this in the China Town in my city. It amazes me how those who live in the apartments think of storage options that I never would have.

Photographs of Small Flats in Hong Kong | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
11/24/09 01:56 PM

I have posted for things I wanted. In the past I have received these items. I have even received really nice things for free. But, lately, it has been a waste of time. I have found that within the last year or so that nobody responds to these ads.

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11/10/09 02:36 PM

I use a mason jar for my toothbrush. I just put in glass pebbles to keep the toothbrush stand up. Added bonus is it makes it look more attractive. : )

Apartment Therapy DC | Don't Throw Out That Jar! New Uses for Old Jars
6/18/09 04:22 PM

I'm jealous. ; )

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The Beauty of Juliette Balconies
6/15/09 02:54 PM

I live in San Francisco. I am not extremely happy about this new law. I wonder how well this law can be enforced.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | San Francisco OKs Toughest Recycling Law in U.S.San Francisco Chronicle 06.10.2009
6/11/09 12:41 PM

Reddish colors would not go well because of the yellowish floor. So, colors would be limited unless you plan on changing the color of the floor. So, tans, light browns.. in the golden and yellowish family. You might be able to get away with a brown with a bit of a red tint. If you go with something that matches the floor will probably match the green in the tile.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Help With My Retro Bathroom Redo! Los Angeles
6/2/09 05:06 PM

@Jesse: I love Brainwash! Drinking beer while doing laundry..can't think of a better way to get chores done! : )

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Laundromat Cafe in Copenhagen
5/27/09 07:55 PM

It is hard living in an urban area, where typically rent is more than half of what you take home a month. But, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Most of the apartments have a ton of charm, even if they are small. The city also offers so much. There are tons of things to do for free, especially during the summer. There are a lot of museums and exhibits, concerts, and galleries. I love the convenience of being able to walk most places. Not having a car cuts down on expenses too. For now, I couldn't see myself living anywhere else except SF.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Question: What Do You Get For Your Money? Austin
5/13/09 11:43 AM

I've never been able to start things from seeds, but had a basil plant growing until I got tired of it. My new apartment doesn't get enough direct sun.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Indoor Vegetable Garden
5/6/09 08:41 PM

I would have the same concerns as hooksies. My first fear would be that the house would burn quicker.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Oakland Home With Straw-Bale Insulation Up For Sale
5/4/09 02:09 PM

I bought two from IKEA. One is a Money Tree plant and is doing fabulous. The other is a Coffee Plant and is doing ok. What I don't like is that they don't mark what the plant is. It took me almost a year to figure out what my Coffee Plant was. I have found that Money Tree plants are hardy plants anyway. I have read that Coffee Plants are a little sensitive. So, it probably depends on what type of plant you buy.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: IKEA Plants — Yay or No Way?
3/19/09 01:29 PM

Here's a link:

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Repurpose: Using Curtains in The Bathroom
3/17/09 08:57 PM

I had two pairs of vintage barkcloth curtains that I could not use in my new place. I had them sewn together, and had button holes put in the top part. They are now my shower curtains.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Repurpose: Using Curtains in The Bathroom
3/17/09 07:08 PM

I think it is sad to see an old building get neglected. The biggest issue with this building (like the article states) is that it is one of the few structures that survived the earthquake. So, to lose a piece of history is sad.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Historic Cottage (Maybe) Left to Rot
3/12/09 12:01 AM

900 sq ft for an apartment?!! I wish I lived in an apartment that large. : (

Apartment Therapy New York | House Call: Jennifer's Modern Mission Connecticut
3/9/09 12:36 PM