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So pretty! Where did you get your blue quilt/bedspread?

Lynn's Calm & Charming Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/18/13 10:14 AM

The cure for my white walls? Two large canvas prints, a mural, and a large art block from EyesOnWalls. Also a large leaning mirror.

White Wall Solutions: Oversized Artwork Renters Solutions
3/18/13 10:04 AM

I absolutely LOVE this!

Amy + Corey's Sunia Home In Echo Park House Tour
3/13/13 01:07 PM

Zara Home has a couple things

Where To Find Mustard Yellow Bedding? Good Questions
3/12/13 09:53 AM

Since the bedding has blue and purple in the design, perhaps a very light shade of either of those? In a space that dark I personally would choose white to brighten it up and reflect the light better. Are you a renter or owner? That carpet color is hard to work with, and I think the room would look great with a light wood flooring as well. Otherwise, the room itself looks really cozy, and I'm sure once you find the right paint color you will love it!

Suggestions for Paint Colors in Bedroom? Good Questions
12/5/12 11:50 AM

My suggestion is to have it framed at a craft store, which is much cheaper than a specialty framing shop. Ask for plexiglass instead of real glass, then display the poster leaning against the wall like some people would lean a large mirror. Later if you can afford it and live in a different home, you can replace the plexiglass with real glass and actually hang it.

How To Display Unusually Sized Poster? Good Questions
12/4/12 12:14 PM

One of the best bathroom space savers I have found is the Carlson II tower from CB2. I have a small bathroom, but its 10" x10" profile fit well behind my bathroom door. I use it to store folded towels, toiletries in apothecary jars, etc. And I grabbed a "charcoal felt storage box" from CB2 to store my hair dryer and flat iron on one of the shelves.

I use a Simplehuman adjustable shower caddy in the shower to hold shampoo, soap, shower gel, etc.

Another good small space storage option is the Componibili from Kartell. I use mine in the bedroom, but it seems like a great small space solution for almost any room.

6 Bathroom Spacesaver Resource Guides
11/3/12 11:32 AM

I was a renter with an ugly kitchen that had no backsplash, so I painted some Inhabit Wall Flats a glossy white and used 3M command adhesive velcro strips to hold them on the wall. I also ran some Ikea Dioder light strips under the cabinets and hid the wires. It looked really nice and doubled as mood lighting.

How To Change Backsplash Area
Without Painting? Good Questions

10/29/12 04:30 PM

This is just what I would do: Get some dioder lights (or similar) and finish going around to light the underside of the cabinets. It would brighten up the area. Take some of the cabinet doors off and display your prettiest (or plain white) dishes. Clear some of the clutter off the counter. Replace the cabinet hardware. Get some nice barstools - either metal or brightly colored. Last but not least, replace the pantry/closet/laundry? slatted door.

How To Make Cookie Cutter Condo Kitchen More Modern? Good Questions
9/14/12 01:22 PM

Although we have very different decorating styles, my couch is of a similar color. I paired mine with an orange chair and used the army/olive green color as an accent for a plant and for a tray on the coffee table. Personally I think the blue/orange or blue/orange/green combo looks great. Here is my pinboard showing the different elements I used in my living room If the dark orange is too harsh for you, perhaps a lighter "creamsicle" orange would work. Mixing in a teal or turquoise would also look good with blues and greens. I would paint the Billy white because adding in too many colorful elements leads to a power struggle for the eye's attention. If you can paint or recover the wallpaper on the Murphy bed, perhaps white or a cool medium gray would look better. As for the artwork above the sofa, black and white photos in silver gallery style frames would look nice. Or a mirror. Too much color over the couch would sort of clash with the throw pillows.

New, Fearless Colors to Complement a Blue Couch? Good Questions
9/8/12 10:03 AM