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ooh - I'm pinning this right now for future projects (now that I've finally joined the world of pinterest!). :)

How To Make Plush Alphabet Magnets
Chez Beeper Bebe

2/4/12 09:33 AM

That's a good question - we ended up going with a large decal (a map of the world) over our son's crib just for that reason. It looks great and will be easy to peel off.

How To Safely Hang Pictures Above Crib?
Good Questions

2/3/12 02:28 PM

super cute!

Before & After: Bright Stenciled Dresser
Saved by Suzy

2/2/12 06:57 PM

Love the ideas and they are much needed as I've packed away all of our decorations (preparing for a move) and have nothing fun to put up. Thanks again!

A Gazillion (Ok, 31!) DIY Valentine's Day Decoration Projects
Tatertots and Jello

2/2/12 07:46 AM

ps - had to respond to Charlie26's comment. Not sure why he/she wrote that here. Plenty of people use bumpers and even if you didn't use it, there's nothing wrong with keeping it up for the pictures, for heaven's sake.


Aiden's "Modern Preppy" Nursery
Nursery Tour

2/2/12 07:44 AM

LOVE the grey - so hard to use that color without making it look dowdy but you have done a fantastic job and it looks great!

Aiden's "Modern Preppy" Nursery
Nursery Tour

2/2/12 07:41 AM

yeah, we learned the hard way to limit our two-year old's tech usage. He used to play with my iPhone all the time and it got to where every time we were out, he'd want it and would pitch a fit until he got it. After my phone died (coincidence?) and was replaced with a new one, he stopped asking for it. I think he doesn't recognize it as the same gadget and I'm not going to correct him. :) Now when we're out running errands I do other things to keep him occupied.

Setting Limits on Children's Tech Time
1/31/12 04:02 PM

Ha - love this! My husband will sometimes comment if I hang it "incorrectly" so I was curious to see how many people agree with them. Apparently he's right - the waterfall method is the way to go!

How To: Hang Your Toilet Paper Correctly?
1/31/12 10:14 AM

I think it's funny how a post about a room can be controversial. OH well. I'll add my two cents to the discussion: as a mother (also of a Henry) who lives in a small house near the city, I can appreciate the excellent use of space here. Yes the couch may be small, but it's a great use of the little nook that otherwise may have been wasted. I also like how each boy has his own bed area and his own work area too. So, in my opinion, well done!

Charlie & Henry's Shared Bedroom
Kids Tour

1/31/12 10:13 AM

Love the ceiling! As I look at it I keep thinking how touch it must have been to paint! :)

Ceiling Stripes for HJ
My Room

1/31/12 10:07 AM

so beautiful!

Charlie & Henry's Shared Bedroom
Kids Tour

1/30/12 05:34 PM

What a fun room - LOVE the artwork and colors!

Charlie's Eclectic Mix
My Room

1/30/12 05:33 PM

LOVE the red, white and blue! So creative!

Best Kids Parties: Raggedy Ann
My Party

1/30/12 06:30 AM

what a sophisticated room - love it! Especially love the light fixture and the black pictures hanging on the walls.

Mila's Fun, Music Inspired Nursery
Nursery Tour

1/27/12 09:02 AM

very cute and it makes me glad that we still have original floor tiles that look just like your remodel (we recently had our house appraised and the guy said that those tiles are making a come back and are really popular right now, btw). Your room looks great!

A Bright Kids Bathroom Refresh

1/26/12 08:55 AM

super cute idea - love that it's original and not Disney inspired. :)

Best Kids Parties: "Maddie-licious"
My Party

1/26/12 08:52 AM

the wallpaper is my favorite part - it's soft and yet sophisticated - love it!

Kenzie's Fresh and Fabulous Room
Kids Room Tour

1/24/12 08:33 PM

SUPER cute - as a photographer I'm always looking for new ideas and I love the use of the chalkboard as a background!

Rory & Quinn's Monthly Baby Photos
1/24/12 08:30 PM

Fantastic idea!

Block Party: Window-Worthy Birthday Wishes
1/20/12 11:35 AM

too bad it's only shipped in Europe - it's very cool and my son would love it!

Fun for the Budding Urban Planner
Papierowe Miasto

1/20/12 11:34 AM