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Its called Photo cube here and MiLi photo in China.

Smartphone Photo Printers: Like a Polaroid?
9/7/12 01:00 AM

Bolle Photo Printer-the world's first smart phone photo printer is a very innovative idea from Prinics, South Korea. I have been using this product for the last 2 months and it has made photo printing a very easy experience. Especially when I am with my friends, we take photos and can easily print them. Its fairly simple to use. Download the Bolle photo app from appstore/ google play. Then Just dock your iPhone or any Apple product/ connect your android phone using USB and just print. You can create a collage of 4-10 photos and also take multiple copies. There is an inbuilt cartridge but the draw back is it can print only 36 photos and then it has to be replaced and you can only print photos in 4”X6”. But still worth it, especially for domestic use and also knowing that it is an Apple patented product. And waiting for the next model from Prinics- BP Wi-Fi! That should make photo printing even easier! :)

Smartphone Photo Printers: Like a Polaroid?
9/7/12 12:56 AM