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Enzymes are composed of protein, so heat can definitely denature the tertiary structure of the enzyme and impair its function.

Does Blanching the Basil Really Make Pesto Stay Green for Longer? Putting Tips to the Test in The Kitchn
7/11/14 10:01 AM

I'm really sorry to be that person, but please tell me those aren't vintage records stuck to your walls man! I'm itching to come over with my plastic sleeves and anti-static cloth and save those babies....

Lysee's True Reflection Small Cool Contest
4/21/12 04:36 AM

The room's a bit wow, but I like the idea of the drying cabinet, albeit in a smaller scale!

Martha's Laundry Room
The Martha Blog

1/9/11 12:24 AM

Wow!! Colour me envious! I love everything about the loft, it's to absolutely die for. I'm beyond speechless.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Dave and Shyla's Eclectic Loft at The Brewery Los Angeles
5/9/09 03:32 AM

Sorry to hijack, but where is the throw rug in the first photo from. I need it!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To: Pick Out Throw Pillows
5/1/09 04:33 AM

C'mon, she has been so Photoshopped it doesn't even look like her...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Interior Inspiration: Madonna Photos at the Hotel Gloria W Magazine
3/5/09 03:51 PM

omg I love the mail cabinet! I really really really want one...

Apartment Therapy Boston | Look! Foyer with Antique Mailbox Cubbies
12/1/08 03:28 PM

Wow, are we being a bit precious or what?? It's so fantastic to see a room which people actually live in, rather than a super-styled display of perfection. I love those shelves, any shelf packed full of books is fine by me.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Flickr Find: Lived-In Library Dining Room
10/7/08 12:18 PM

Plus your economic woes create economic woes for other major markets

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Lessons in Smart Spending from the French BBC News
10/2/08 03:22 PM