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The best home I've ever seen on Apartment Therapy. Small or otherwise. Love it! Congratulations and I love that entertaining (making memories with friends) is important to you.

Brian's Off the Grid Home Small Cool Contest
5/29/14 01:26 PM

@oldtry---thank you! On my way to the website now.

The Cure Email Inbox: Reader Before & After Projects from the January Cure
2/5/14 06:28 PM

I love everything in the top pic! Any ideas on where these two pieces are available? Am in the process of purchasing a new desk and desk chair. I also love the little table and file boxes next to the desk. Thanks in advance!

The Cure Email Inbox: Reader Before & After Projects from the January Cure
1/29/14 08:29 PM

I too grew up with HWBs in the U.K, and even find the weird rubbery smell comforting. My mom often warned about filling them with boiling or close-to-boiling water, and I'm in the camp that likes to use a cover. Also safest and effective to put the HWB in bed at least 30 mins before you get in. @Ruby and Cathellis---The accidents sound traumatic and painful I'm so sorry that happened to you.

My Latest Obsession: The Hot Water Bottle
12/15/13 11:56 AM

Please make this trend stop. It's probably just me though; I find the mix of polka dots and stripes a bit too childish looking for my liking. My aim is to only post when I have something nice to say, but sometimes---

Washer & Dryer Makeover: Temporary, Fast & Just $8 A Beautiful Mess
11/22/13 10:40 AM

The bathroom---sigh, so beautiful. This house is absolutely perfect. But seriously way bigger than 270sq. ft. Misprint?

Charlie's Charming Townhouse House Tour
9/10/13 12:27 PM

Nothing to say here that hasn't been said---just want to reiterate in case you're still unclear. Never, ever, ever make a huge life decision based on a 4 month relationship. I'm assuming your relationship with your parents is amicable, and therefore staying home and saving seems the best route. However, renting your own place is also advisable before you couple with anyone up for good. You will discover many things about yourself---too many to list here. Enjoy being young with minimal responsibility, and save, save, save. And, again, in support of previous posts, it's not a big deal for this person to drive/commute 30 minutes if he's a keeper. It pains me to sound old fashioned, but my best boyfriend, who is now my life partner after a fair few frogs, was also the most traditionally chivalrous and gentlemanly.

Buying vs. Waiting (At Parents' House)? Good Questions
8/26/13 11:54 AM

I second lalachris. My girlfriend owns an insanely perfect mid century with stunning views. My home, though perfect and beautiful to me, is an old, comfortable, slightly run down, bungalow. Whenever aforementioned girlfriend visits she comments on how happy my place is and how welcome she always feels. The difference between us---she never entertains and when she does it's not fun for her because everything is so pristine and precious in her home. It took a while, and some practice in letting go, but regular dinners, bbqs, and kids sleepovers, have created memories, and turned my home into a living, breathing, respite from the stresses of the outside world.

Can't Buy Happiness: 5 Simple Ways to Turn Any House Into a Home You Love
7/3/13 12:27 PM

Most major cities are definitely unaffordable these days for the average renter or buyer. I for one will sadly never be able to live in the city or even close to the neighborhood I grew up in---London. However, when maligning landlords also take into consideration they may be new owners that purchased at the top of the market. This is my case, and when I had to leave the city I live in for a couple of years and rent my place out, I was actually shocked at what I needed to charge in rent to break even. However, it's a newly desirable location and the market could bear it---luckily. I tried to be aware my renters were paying a lot and took care of any issues immediately. I lucked out and my renters were great stewards of the house, but that could just as easily have not been the case.

Sticker Shock: What's The New Rent On Your Old Apartment?
6/27/13 01:18 PM

Thank you! You touched on quite a few of the anxieties that haunt me while traveling. I also find that the constant online documentation (Facebook, twitter, instagram) of everyone's travel experiences contributes to the unrealistic sense that there is a "perfect" and photogenic moment at every turn. I'm an avid researcher and that will not change; I enjoy it too much. But I am printing this article, placing it on my fridge, and reminding myself that many of my best travel experiences have been when I let others, or fate, take the wheel. Taking a few steps back and taking this piece to heart. Thank you!

5 Things Paris Taught Me About Travel
6/19/13 12:48 PM

Wow! As a parent and a soon to be empty nester dreading the quiet, I am both touched by this lovely story, and horrified by the flip "buy a house" comments. The logic of this statement leads to the question why don't you buy a house? Why should someone who is willing to acknowledge that they may, at times, not be the ideal neighbor, have to live next door to an uncharitable curmudgeon?

How to be a Great Neighbor to the Mom Next Door
6/3/13 01:20 PM

Hands down my favorite home ever on Apartment Therapy. Perfectly modern and clean, yet warm and inviting. Congratulations!
How do I get an invite for dinner?

Heinz & Veronique's Mid-Century Home + Prefab Cabin + Studio House Tour
5/31/13 12:20 PM

I love neutral, and I love rugs, but this room looks bland to me. Maybe it's the ubiquitous trellis rug that is everywhere now and makes me think of a generic hotel room.

Neutral Patterns: Serene Area Rugs
2/6/13 12:40 PM

I started practicing these tenets a couple of years ago out of economic necessity and a desire to exercise some common sense over my spending habits. One of the notable upsides is that my friends constantly compliment the cleanliness and tidiness of my home. I am not a neat freak at all, but I just don't have unusable junk and unwearable clothes cluttering up my living space collecting dust. In contrast to how I used to live, there is a freshness and an energy in my home that comes from only owning things we use on a regular basis. I too echo the efficacy of written lists and waiting a day or two to make impulse purchases, however small. Thanks for the post! I needed a reminder to stay on track.

It's the Little Things:
5 Ways to Spend Less & Reduce Clutter

1/23/13 12:32 PM

Where can the original Danish version of The Killing be found? Thanks!

Sleep, What's That? The Five Most Addictive Shows on Netflix
12/5/12 01:01 PM

I just powered through season 2 of the Swedish Wallander. It's fantastic and gripping. Waaay superior to the BBC snoozefest, which feels contrived and clunky. Plus Krister Henriksson acts the hell out of the role. Season 1 is not available on instant so I am currently debating Amazon Prime for the free download aspect. One of my favorite Netflix marathons ever.

Sleep, What's That? The Five Most Addictive Shows on Netflix
12/3/12 02:12 PM

I would have gone with a more modern looking flat grey cabinet, but otherwise it's a quite pretty remodel. To my eye, fewer cabinets would have shrunk the new look by chopping up the wall. I think it's a design imperative that they span the length of the room. And there is no such thing as too much storage---I hate cluttered counter tops! Also, having grown up in London, this is a reasonable size kitchen to me, and two could definitely navigate cooking at the same time! Love it!

Before & After: Little Kitchen, Big Style The Sweeten
11/28/12 01:22 PM

I just did this. I highly recommend living with samples for at least a day or two. Ditto on the Navajo White---it's very rental and unflattering. We were going to go with White Dove as I wanted something warm, but for my taste it was a little too pink at certain times of day. I ended up with Snow White, which was much cooler than I thought I would like, but it has worked out perfectly on both the walls and trim. It's a great neutral backdrop to our bright rugs with very warm tones, and also our cooler items. Good luck!

Which White Paint Should I Choose? Good Questions
10/9/12 10:25 AM

Definitely my favorite! I don't find it cold at all; in fact the cool tones seem calming and inviting. This kitchen to me has the perfect balance of a clean streamlined appearance with a lived in feeling.

Kelly's "Boathouse Vintage" Kitchen Room for Color Contest
10/4/12 12:53 PM

Me three :)

6 Fall Design Trends with Maxwell
YouTube Spaces

9/17/12 01:37 PM