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MTGNGR - you think that everyone is going to ditch their 4 for a 5? half the population would be happy with a 3! So actually there is still a massive market for 4 accessories.

What with apple constantly popping out new models every single year, I am shocked that they will sell as many 5's than 4's as they are getting soooo predictable.

Plus the kids will get the hand-me-down 4 with a trendy case.

The reason why other models of case are not so popular is because of the design of the back of the case - when you purchase a 20 dollar case for iPhone it covers the entire back of the phone where as galaxy, blackberry etc just don't look as good with cases with designer graphics on them because of the cut-off point and the camera holes etc.

Plus if you ask most retailers (especially online) they will make a case for your Galaxy or Blackberry.

Cheerful iPhone Cases for Fall
9/5/12 11:12 AM