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just use it where you'd use breast meat instead....i never buy breast meat any more, just thighs!

they are especially good with bbq sauce... or a filipino adobo...

What Are Some Delicious, Creative Recipes to Make with Chicken Thigh? Good Questions
1/6/13 03:05 PM

i put my suitcase on the floor a week before i go, and make a pile in there. then the day before i pack, i go through the pile, remove/add/make sure i have it right.

I have rarely forgotten anything with this method!

Pre-Travel Pile: Do You Make One?
10/3/12 12:31 PM

i go for 24....you can dip in and out, and when you're sick in bed, you can go 'real time'. i had norovirus once and got through seasons 1-5 in 5 days. it saved me from sick boredom!

Get Well Soon: What's Your Go To Movie
When You are Feeling Sick?

9/4/12 05:23 PM