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Such a beautiful quilt, I honestly think white would brighten the space and allow the bedding and other accessories to become more a statement.

What Wall Color with Very Colorful Bedding? Good Questions
2/6/14 04:39 PM

What an amazing hidden treasure, looks like a soap dish or sponge holder, keep it!

Dan's Kitchen: Electrical, Part 2 Renovation Diary
1/28/14 04:46 PM

Some legs or wheels would transform it into mobile storage, paint it black or any accenting color from the room it'll be in, a rectangular pillow top with a interesting pattern and even new hardware too would spruce it up and make it your own.

Ways to Upcycle Trunk into Functional Furniture? Good Questions
1/30/13 05:57 PM

The floors are a greyish and off white checkered design, there's a spot light on the ceiling but it isn't bright at all, the countertops are a beige color and the stove light does make the floor look yellow but in reality it's not! All great suggestions everyone thank you, soft slate blue is a definite choice!

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1/8/13 09:58 PM

Remove the door, add some shelves, voila! Easy access mini pantry

Ideas for Unusually Shaped Kitchen Cupboard? Good Questions
11/5/12 01:50 PM

It's all about making compromises for what is just decorative in exchange for functional pieces. My fiancé doesn't know much about color coordination and such but he cares a great deal about use of space. You don't have to use every single item they own, put away what you can't find a place for into storage, maybe it might be useful in a larger home where a man can have an entire room dedicated to his interests. Work together on various furniture positions but remember it must be practical. Find a way to blend the two rooms so that each of you are happy, maybe paint one wall darker for him, make a sacrifice!

How Do You Settle Decor Disputes?
9/24/12 11:56 AM