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Hi, it's a nice surprise to see my photo of the sprout sandwich used in this post (pic #4), but would you please link it to my Flickr account here:

Somehow the current link points to a general Flickr page. Many thanks!!


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3/2/11 02:09 AM

yes, tongs are a nice tool. i guess your bare-bones kitchen would depend on what you cook often.

i worked in a professional kitchen for years, and when i started stocking up my own kitchen, during a move, all it took was a carbon steel wok with a lid, saucepan with a lid (for cooking rice), wooden spoon/spatula, tongs, cutting board and a very good knife. i've had these for years and still use them every day.

i love cast iron cookware too. a dutch oven can be used for pretty much anything, and it will last as long as you take care of it. i do love some of those pricier brands, but you can't beat cast iron, and you realize those expensive brands are really just a luxury.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | From The Email: The Only Three Things You Really Need
11/16/08 10:26 PM

thank you for this post! yes, it should be stressed for us to look for ways to eat better food, instead of just cheap finds.

i grew up in the 70's and i remember buying a whole chicken at the market used to be the norm. i learned how to cook, as a child, and my mother taught me how to properly cut up the chicken. i noticed in the late 80's chicken parts started to become more ubiquitous in the market, and it got harder to find whole chickens. the big-box retailers were growing like mad, so i always wondered if parts vs. whole was not entirely coincidental. this was also the time when our diets were using more and more chicken breasts, that i'm sure the factory farms moved their production to "parts" over whole birds.

you know, it's very easy to cut up a whole bird, but i know it's daunting for a lot of people. maybe you could post a "how to" video on this? and yes, whole chickens costs more now, which is pretty sad, but i suspect this reflects a demand of our buying habits -- even butchers are disappearing from the supermarkets.

i, myself, am on an extremely tight budget, but want to keep quality food on my table. i'm achieving this by eating more vegetarian dishes, and more whole foods. sometimes i'll buy free-range, local, organic meat if the craving strikes and i have a few dollars to spare. i'm also visiting my farmer's market and looking into community garden projects to see where i can learn to be more self-sufficient. i encourage us all to try to get in touch with the land, even if it's a simple trip to the weekend farmer's market.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | From The Email: Cooking Better With Less
11/16/08 10:16 PM

i'm confused by the whole wine glass charm movement. i just keep my glasses naked.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | DIY Wine Charms from Extra Resistors
10/1/08 05:39 PM

use a glass jar. i, too, drink iced coffee every day, and transport all my cold drinks this way. i reuse my jars that hold about 12-16ozs with screw lids. i love it. i drink from glass, which for some reason is divine. i walk or take public transport and have never had my jar break or leak.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Question: To-Go Cups for Iced Coffee?
9/28/08 12:01 AM

yup! i love my stovetop espresso pot. it makes beautiful coffee, and satisfies my daily iced espresso fix. i have a stainless steel ilsa brand pot i found thrifting (i totally lucked out). i also own a french press, but rarely use it since i'm kind of hooked on my espresso coffee. and yes, the french press makes great coffee, but it is different from the coffee you get from a stovetop espresso pot.

i think the other methods mentioned are good alternative as well, but they each make coffee with different characteristics. it depends on your personal taste what works for you.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Back to Basics: Stovetop Espresso
9/27/08 10:49 PM

yes, try baking soda. i used to mix baking soda with lemon juice into a paste. i had an apartment kitchen with a badly stained white laminate counter, and this mixture brought it back to life.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Does Eco-Bleach Work?
9/27/08 10:34 PM

Used coffee grounds also make a great body scrub. I've been using my used espresso ground beans for both a face & body scrub, for over a year. It's the best exfoliant I've used, and I'm hooked! I mix the grounds with a little olive oil or coconut oil, scrub well, then rinse. I only recommend doing this in the shower so you can rinse well. I worked in the beauty industry for a while, and I swear I've never come across a commercial scrub with that made my skin so soft. Perhaps the caffeine is a bonus, as well.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | 7 Household Uses for Coffee Grounds
9/27/08 09:28 PM