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We also have a super narrow dining room (luckily it's not also a hallway). After searching far and wide for narrow dining table (the smallest we could find was 36") we decided to DIY. We found an old barn door at a salvage yard (29" wide), used an epoxy on the top for an even surface, and added simple Ikea legs. We are not crafty at all and this was really easy. You could even use old pieces of wood with brackets to hold them together to get a more custom size. A bench on one or both sides would also save space.

I love your two end pieces so I hope they'd still fit, but it's definitely easy to overcrowd that room! I agree with the above posters about a wall-mounted unit for your wine/dishes. I love that room--the brick wall gives it so much character.

How To Make Insanely Narrow Dining Room More Functional? Good Questions
9/2/12 05:34 PM