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• My husband and I look forward to one day having a home as stylish as this, but until my 3 kids are a tad bit older, I'll be on the design-pause button. \ Love her style, her apt is so welcoming and comfortable, bright stylish, but how cute is she!? Alison- you are stunning!! What a great smile, it warms the whole apt up!

Alison's Collected and Curated Apartment House Tour
11/19/13 12:06 PM

Moved to the "country/suburbs" from the city and regret it. My city girl status has now been confirmed. Although our current property is truly lovely and we have chickens, veggies, trees, pool, space, etc, I miss the convenience of city living and can't stand driving 1/2 hour, plus the time it takes to load up the kids (tack on another 1/2 hour). City living is pricey but I'd much rather live in a smaller space with my family of 5, than be out in B.F.E.

City or Country: Nothing in Between!
4/26/13 06:41 PM

-Steve Jobs via Wired-
"I’m a big believer in boredom,” he told me. Boredom allows one to indulge in curiosity, he explained, and “out of curiosity comes everything.” The man who popularized personal computers and smartphones — machines that would draw our attention like a flame attracts gnats — worried about the future of boredom. “All the [technology] stuff is wonderful, but having nothing to do can be wonderful, too.”

Kids' Games to Educate and Also Entertain Weekly Smartphone App Roundup
4/10/13 08:00 PM

I love the black ceiling light above the kitchen island, what is the make of that? Seen it around and have always loved it. Thanks!

Sophie & Michael Collect, Enjoy & Live House Tour
4/6/13 02:40 AM

Gorgeous man, those eyes, that hair! The house is impressive, the contents compliment the house's form, I love what he says about bringing out the soul of the home and I think it's great that he opens the bottom kitchen drawer with his feet. All in all-great tour, eye candy all around.

Frank's Depression-Era Modern Home in Franklin Hills House Tour
4/4/13 09:02 PM

I'm thinking this is the same Dave Mabry (from years ago) who I knew through my next door neighbor Kelly? If so, and even if not BRAVO! I love this tour. It's like walking through an emporium filled with character and hue Such a great mix of color and texture. Love the personality of this house. All the Best, Mel

Heather & Dave's Eclectic Enclave House Tour
1/27/13 03:38 AM

I used plain old Tide Original HE and it worked great! Never any problems. The trick is it has to be original Tide, only. Not any of the other kinds of Tide. The clerk at the diaper manufacturer told me about it in addition to the detergent listed in the article. I'd run a soak cycle first, then a wash cycle with Tide. Good luck! Cloth diapering was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent: Cloth Diapers That Rock & Roll? test lab review
1/19/13 12:20 PM

Love your home. Very personable and stylish! What if the fireplace were surrounded in mercury-glass or aged mirror type tiles? Would tie in with the sunburst mirror above and maybe make the room appear larger as well?

Annie & Pierson's Bright and Cheerful HomeHouse Tour
11/29/12 01:28 PM

Burts Bees diaper rash cream worked very well for us. Had no issues with it adhering to the cloth diapers and worked better (for us) than Grandma Els and CA Baby.

Diaper Rash Creams: The Dirty Cloth Diaper Secret You May Not Know
11/12/12 08:34 PM

I have these and they are great! Only one of them has chipped. They match my Picardie glasses. Love!

Kids Melamine Cup Set by Rice Family Find
10/19/12 07:47 PM

Secured floor to ceiling acrylic panels across the entire rail if you don't want to move the couch. Otherwise, you could do a variation of what my friend's did here...
but just place panels on both sides of railing, extend it upwards and fasten both panels together on opposite sides of the railing. Good luck. It's great that you are cautious!

Something Safe but Stylish for Childproofing? Good Questions
10/8/12 07:50 PM

Ugh! I still regret selling my little craftsman house almost two years ago. Although my family is in a much larger property, I still pine for my tiny old home and neighbors along side of it. I've tried to get over my regret, but to no avail. It has gotten to the point where I don't even want to go to the old neighborhood because I know that I will shed tears over it. I think I need to get a hobby ;)

Saying Farewell to a Home
3/13/12 01:06 PM

I think "bone china" is made from crushed, de-gelatinized cow bones. So if a person is Vegan or Veg that might not appeal to them (I'm guessing?) I think this set is amazing and especially fun.

Win This Pantone Universe Bone China Mug Set from PopDeluxe!
Holiday Giveaway 2011

12/17/11 01:22 AM

Obviously via the majority of comments this "over gifting" is a problem that we should remember when we become grandparents.

I would much rather spend time actively playing with my children than spending that time cleaning up countless, transient toys that have been cluttering up my home. My MIL usually brings our 3 kids something every time she comes over. My husband and I have lovingly asked her to limit the toys and clothing, we've expressed that we are trying to adhere to the philosophy of "simplicity parenting" (a less-is-more kind of approach). We've asked that when she feels the urge to purchase something that is on sale or a deal, or made in China, to keep that money in her pocket or deposit it into our children's savings accounts. The problem still exists. It's been 6 years. My husband and I understand why it happens; my MIL has a deep relationship to my SIL & her kids and is trying to make up for that by replacing our kid's "grandma time" with toys. We just don't know how we can communicate any more clearly without hurting my MIL and creating a dent in our relationship. My father in law suggested to simply say, "thank you", accept the gifts and donate them without telling my MIL. This has been our approach but I'll be honest with you, it's hard to keep up with our own mess, and add to that the extra items that are coming in via my MIL makes it overwhelming.

How Do You Help Keep Gift Giving Grandparents At Bay?
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9/24/11 12:44 AM

Ha, I have that snowglobe! It's from my all-time favorite museum, The Walker Art Center. Can I get a "shout out" for the Walker, anyone?

Collecting Travel Souvenirs
7/29/11 01:19 AM

I use my Micralite fastfold. It is like a "bugaboo" in an umbrella stroller form. And when collapsed, it stands upright unassisted.

All-Terrain, Lightweight and Collapsible Stroller?
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5/31/11 05:48 PM

I have recently been introduced to the concept of "Simplicity Parenting". It completely resonated with me and my husband. We are in the process of trying to transition to a simpler, pared down version of what we have currently going. I noticed how stress-free our family was when on vacation and we had fewer things. More time to focus on what is important and less time on maintaining clutter. Good Luck!

Inspired By Vacation To Tweak Your Lifestyle
4/6/11 01:25 PM

Friends of mine had a bottle spill all over their carpet. They can't get the blue dye out. They own a carpet cleaner and even after going over it several times, the dye is still there. It just won't come out. Bummer. Blue dye all over their very nice carpet.

Colored Bubbles: Too Good To Be True?
4/4/11 08:31 PM

Those ARE really pretty cabinets! Yet, it is YOUR house and you should decorate it however you want it. That said, Anthropologie sells wonderful knobs that could bring a more modern touch, I'd say the flooring and backsplash/counters would be the best update. I had a friend that covered her dated, worn out linoleum with Flor tiles and it looked great! I think you can find them used on ebay as well.

How To Brighten Retro Kitchen In Our First Home?
Good Questions

3/31/11 01:15 PM

I used a sandblasting company in San Diego called R.W. Little.
They completely refurbished my gliders and the new, glossy paint job looks wonderful! Maybe you could call them and they'd be able to refer you to someone in your area. Mind you, it wasn't cheap (however cheaper than buying new) but totally worth it. Good luck!

Refurbishing a Metal Glider Safely
Good Questions

3/9/11 01:49 PM