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This is amazing. Love the art, and it looks like the best place ever to hang out and chat.

Anna Corinna's Eclectic Wonderland Refinery 29
8/29/12 01:06 AM

I'm such a coward about using dark colors on walls, so you're giving me courage, and ideas!

Michele & Ryan Tansey's Antiquarian Hideaway
House Tour

10/29/11 09:08 AM

The idea of having a Superbowl party and having 20 guys take off their sneakers makes me want to buy all the Febreeze stock.

I don't live in a wet or snowy climate and people wipe their feet anyway. I am extremely unconcerned about this. Plus, my dogs go in and out of the house shoeless all day long. I own a Dyson, so I'm highly unconcerned about a little dirt being tracked in.

Etiquette at Home: Solutions to The Great Shoe Debate
10/20/11 04:10 PM

@hooksies - maybe you could use the space between a bookcase or tall cabinet and the wall.

Before & After: Streamlining Scarf Storage
10/20/11 03:59 PM

I love pink accents lately, but I tend to use it in small doses like pink flowered potted plants, throw pillows, and candles.

I have a lot of taupe and olive green and brown stuff, so I think it needs a dose of pink for contrast (I use red sometimes, too.)

Blush Crush: The Chic Side of Pink
10/20/11 03:56 PM

Love it! But it's more Hermes orange, to me.

Is that the issue which has the painted door edges, too? Loved those.

Bright Idea: Framing With Color
Martha Stewart Living

10/4/11 06:22 PM

Bohemian vintage is my thing, but it's available everywhere (including thrift shops) and mass market defeats the point of the look, which isn't supposed to resemble your friend's house.

Still, I'm totally not above buying a few things if they're available online.

H&M Home: Finally Launching in the US
9/18/11 08:53 AM

I bought the tall black and white zigzag vase yesterday at Target for $39.00. I like it! One Missoni thing will do, and I needed another vase anyway.

Frankly surprised there was anything left.

Missoni For Target: The Sad & Sold Out In-Store Look
9/18/11 08:39 AM

The trick with any sheets is to take them out of the dryer or off the line and put them right back on the bed. They do wrinkle, but they wrinkle worse folded up (and then they have fold wrinkles). Needless to say, I don't wash sheets at night.

Linen rumpled sheets look fine, but I'd add another luxury note that's perfect, like a pristine monogrammed pillow in another fabric, so it looks intentional and not "eh, I don't care."

Linen Bedding: Are Wrinkled Sheets Sexy or Messy?
9/16/11 10:32 AM

I like chairs with upholstered seats which I can easily pop out and reupholster. My French country dining chairs came with cream upholstery and three years on, they look tired, so I'm looking for a nice red or russet linen. Easy update, like new throw pillow covers.

Do You Prefer Upholstered or Solid Wood Dining Chairs?
9/16/11 10:24 AM

We have an 1800 sq ft house, all on one level (as a couple with one elderly parent living with us). It's fine, but I think perceptions of house size are really based on the house you lived in growing up. This is about the size I grew up in and anything smaller feels...smaller. Not because there isn't enough room on a practical level, but because I'm used to having a dining room and a kitchen table, instead of just one eating area, and two full baths, and a dedicated guest room. I was a suburban kid.

So I think it's really based on what you're used to as a baseline, versus actual need. We could get by with less space, technically.

The Ever Evolving American Dream: Size, Style & Amenities
7/17/11 11:53 AM

I live in NW Florida and I do not mess around with termites. Here, you can't sell a house unless you have a "termite bond" - sort of insurance with an extermination company that you have poison stations set up and your house is inspected often. It runs me 500 dollars every five years for the treatment and $250 annually for topups.

Getting Rid of Unwanted Pests?
6/26/11 06:18 PM

Well, art's personal and I rarely love the art in house tours because I'd... pick art I liked myself if this was my house.

I love the colors of this house, though; it's so relaxing and moody, and the leather sofa with chaise. All of the furniture looks EXTREMELY comfortable and I want to watch movies in the den. The kitchen and the light fixtures look fantastic to me.

Rondell's Personalized Hollywood Hills Home
House Tour

5/16/11 10:12 AM

I'm repainting my kitchen from sage to a celery green anyway - thanks for the inspiration pics!

Fannnnntastic shade. I think it'll be nice and fresh here in FL with white cabinets.

Color Inspiration: Ladurée's Signature Green
5/8/11 05:33 PM

I have a lot of busts, actually - a Greek god in the entryway (he has a chip, so is wearing a scarf to hide it), Buddha in the garden, and a woman in the bedroom on my dresser. Busts are an EXCELLENT place to store necklaces, by the way.

Decorative Busts
4/21/11 03:49 PM

We've been married for 15 years and finally bought bedroom furniture (we have a nice iron bed, but we've been sharing one dresser forever, and there's a TV on it -- noplace to put jewelry or the usual things you put on dressers). We shopped at the Black Friday sales -- totally didn't expect to find furniture but there it was. Armoire for the TV, dresser and tall chest. SPLURGE.

Holiday Shopping for Your Own Home?
12/5/10 09:10 PM

Busy copying your floral arrangement.

Great colors, and I particularly like the kitchen!

Casey's Loft LifeHouse Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/16/10 09:32 PM

I'm in FL and we do wear shoes inside, but they're flip-flops. Standing on tile to cook is hard on my feet and back, and we're constantly out on the deck and back inside.

Plus, we have dogs, and they walk in and out. My carpets aren't particularly dirty, though. Dyson!

Do You Leave Your Shoes at the Door? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/16/10 09:27 PM

The Company Store has one in matelasse in cream or white (a fitted box spring cover). It looks sharper than a fitted sheet, which looks... like a fitted sheet.

You can also get a nice wool blanket or two and wrap the mattress, using some duct tape underneath to secure it.

Ideas for a Bed Skirt Alternative? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/11/10 02:32 PM

I thought they were more "country" than I like, but that main photo is gorgeous.

Never would have thought to add a braided rug to that scene but it works really, really well.

Rustic Charm: Braided Rugs | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/25/10 10:32 AM