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Wow! I saw this place when it was on the market 5 years ago - love what you've done with it! It looks wonderful.

Molly & Tyler's Classic Cool Cottage House Tour
4/8/13 01:02 PM

There's a huge community of young(er) people quilting these days, and a lot of them make cool, modern stuff - check out, and

Cold Weather Comfort: A Comely Quilt Roundup
10/8/11 03:39 PM

Yeah, dezzy2, Jordan wasn't in 1st when the voting ended. But after the recount she was in the lead. Or at least that's my guess.

Your 4 Small Cool Finalists: Vote NOW!
5/2/11 04:10 PM

Some clarification is probably in order. My place finished yesterday with 900 'favorites', and Nicole's finished with 954. She was the clear winner. But today I look at my place and it's down to 708 faves and Nicole's is...954. Are you saying that almost 200 IP addresses voted for my place twice and not a single one voted twice for Nicole's? I'm not claiming I should have won, clearly I didn't, but I just think the process should be spelled out more clearly.

Also I of course wish the cheating hadn't happened at all. If all I truly earned was 708, that's what I should have received.

Your 4 Small Cool Finalists: Vote NOW!
5/2/11 01:13 PM

Thanks for the support everyone. I'd like very much for the tone to be supportive and friendly in this competition. After all, it is only about home design; we're not saving the world here.

Just to set the record straight:
My square footage according to the city's records is 624, and the unpermitted back room brings it up to 720. As for outdoor space, that has never counted towards the square footage of any house ever. And I doubt I'm the only one in this contest with a yard.

Also, I haven't created any fake e-mail addresses. A friend posted on her blog for me, thus the votes I'm getting today.

Thanks again.

Cate's Sears Kit Home
4/30/11 05:14 PM

ZOMG. I've died and gone to home decorating heaven. Love. this. place.

Amy & David Butler's Creative Textile Lab of a Home
House Tour

4/30/11 03:20 PM

Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. And for the not so nice comments (all posted by people who created new accounts today) lets play nice people. We long term Apt Therapy peeps try to be supportive and constructive. And what's wrong with a bit of friendly competition?

Cate's Sears Kit Home
4/28/11 07:15 PM

Cate's Sears Kit Home
4/15/11 10:26 AM

Hi ali07,
The red birds print is by Wayne Pate, although it looks like he's not selling it anymore:

Cate's Sears Kit Home
4/8/11 09:26 PM

Hi Roozter - it's a decal that I bought on Etsy. I can't find the exact one any more but if you search for 'bird decal' on Etsy you'll find loads of others like it.

Cate's Sears Kit Home
4/7/11 07:22 PM

Hey GothamTomato - kit homes were sometimes purchased and built by the owners of a home, but in the case of my house I think it was a contractor who built it and then sold it. There are about 6 of them right in a row on my block, all the same model. Here's more info about them:

And I didn't build the shelves myself - if only I was that handy! A contractor/carpenter did them for me.

Cate's Sears Kit Home
4/7/11 01:17 PM

Ha, Sarah's actually my older sister!

Cate's Sears Kit Home
4/7/11 10:47 AM

@Shediri, the coffee table is from a 2nd hand furniture store.

Cate's Sears Kit Home
4/6/11 09:25 PM

Here's the link to my home tour - fire away if there are more questions not answered here:

Cate's Sears Kit Home
4/6/11 07:01 PM

Hi KasieB - the paint color is Behr 510D-4, 'Embellished Blue'.

Cate's Sears Kit Home
4/6/11 03:45 PM

@missmae11411 - the shelves are custom built-ins that I had built and installed.

Cate's Sears Kit Home
4/6/11 01:16 PM

@ek76, the rug was a lucky yard sale find.

Cate's Sears Kit Home
4/6/11 10:36 AM

Hi einsd - the couch is from Crate & Barrel:

And glitchgirl, my walls are textured and the matte paint looks great so I say give it a go! You can always just get a sample size of the paint and see how it looks.

Cate's Sears Kit Home
4/6/11 01:36 AM

Thanks for all the love!

@ Mandarin614, the color in the living room was already there when I bought the house. Sorry! It's a really basic off white.

Cate's Sears Kit Home
4/5/11 08:02 PM

LA is wonderful, and it's all about finding the right neighborhood. I'm in Sliver Lake and love it. If you wanna live in the artsy/hipster part of town check SL out, along with Los Feliz and Echo Park.

Neighborhood Suggestions For Moving To Los Angeles?
Good Questions

3/29/11 10:51 AM