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This is the second moth post I've read on ST and it is as filled with as much misinformation as was the first.

Freezing will do nothing. There is a dry ice remedy, which has a specific protocol. What works is the CO2, not the temperature.

Cedar is useless. I don't recall what I read about lavender, but think it is too.

Don't store ANYTHING that isn't clean. Moths love sweat, food, etc. on any fabric, not just knits.

Pheromone traps are not for stopping an infestation, they are for preventing a new one. And you need to know exactly they type of moth you have and buy accordingly.

Plaster holes in the walls (or floor) - even small ones - moths and larvae hide in them.

Dry clean everything that you can't wash if there is an infestation. Sunlight will work, if you have a place to do it. Turn things inside out.

If you bring in an exterminator, you will need to do it for more than one treatment. Re-infestation is a real issue.

You can bring moths in with purchases, even of new things. Second hand and flea market finds should be cleaned before storing them.

And, yes, it could be beetles. Figuring out your pest is critical.

Search and Destroy: How To Get Rid of Sweater Moths APARTMENT THERAPY'S HOME REMEDIES
3/20/14 09:24 PM

Some newer toilets come with an enclosed unit that goes in the tank. Knew how to fix the old kind. The Super will deal with this.

How To Fix a Running Toilet:
Common Causes & Easy DIY Fixes

2/21/14 06:58 PM

This isn't about the environment, it is about cost savings for Ikea and being able to sell cheaper products in a bad global economy.

IKEA Responds: Expedit Versus Kallax Design News
2/21/14 06:29 PM

This is not the first post I've seen on AT with erroneous or very questionable information. Either do real research or stick to design.

This House is Broken-Bad: How Not to Buy a Meth House MSN Real Estate
2/18/14 11:58 PM

If you keep your bathroom door open until the shower curtain liner dries, and keep the curtain extended, you probably won't have mildew.

Alternatives to Vinyl Shower Curtain Liners (and a Water-Repelling Tip)
2/12/14 10:30 PM

Batting the Administrator error message.

Quick, Easy, Cheap: A Simple Solution for Wall Mounted TV Cords Comment of the Day
1/21/14 11:04 PM

Make that medical info on your cell...

911 Emergency Calls In A Modern Wireless World: Truths & Tips
1/19/14 11:20 AM

With cell phones increasingly locked for security reasons, having ICE or there meg wnyc info on your cell is useless. Consider a MedAlert membership, which comes with a wallet card and, if you want one, a medallion. EMTs and ER staff know to look for these.

Or leave your phone unlocked.

911 Emergency Calls In A Modern Wireless World: Truths & Tips
1/19/14 11:19 AM

How about a glass doored cabinet? $60 and 8" http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Windham-Wall-Cabinet-with-Two-Glass-Doors/3082726/product.html?cid=202290&kid=9553000357392&track=pspla&ef_id=2uFPHMhMYgcAAMn-:20131214010334:s

You could add legs.

If you want to match the height and depth, a bookcase is your only option, but it is so narrow that it might tip, so load it carefully!

Help! Where Can I Find a Super-Skinny Side Table? Good Questions
12/13/13 08:08 PM

"Landlines" are telephone lines provided by the phone company that have their own source of electricity and run on copper wires, so they work if the power goes off. The lines that internet providers, VOIP, DSL, etc.a re dependent upon the electric supply so, if that is off, no service.

Non-landline phones may have some back-up capability: Verizon FIOS includes a battery good for 8 hours if fully charged, cell towers often have generators (which didn't work during Sandy).

The situation in lower Manhattan is that Verizon is replacing the copper wiring in the street with fiber. Fiber requires electricity. If my copper wired landline connects to fiber, which is about to happen, no more emergency coverage. Still good for clarity but I can get around the ergonomics. I don't pay monthly charges for long distance or international calls when, for the latter, there are some good services.

I am not sure how 911 calls work if you live in an apartment building, even with a landline.

The only advantage I see is that the circuits don't get jammed in a crisis.

Pros & Cons: Should I Keep a Landline for Emergencies?
11/12/13 10:11 PM

Agree on Elfa/Container store or similar. What I did instead of dressers is to buy Elfa multi-drawer units, which let you pck just the depth you need.

I'd make one side of your closet for each of you. An Elfa drawer unit (s) below, then a rod with a shelf on top.

In the center, depending upon the depth, I would get narrowish shelves. The trick is to leave enough room in the center of the closet so you can put items like luggage on the top shelves, to use that space, and for a step ladder so you can reach those shelves/items when you need them.

Cover the glass panes and get two over the door hanging units for light things like robes.

Remember: closet systems can be re-used in other apartments, especially the drawer units and the vertical "standards

How Do I Make the Most of this Big Closet? Good Questions
11/12/13 09:54 PM

It is shades, not curtains, but look at Dehlia Shades in Manhattan - custom made silk screened solar shades in different weights. Not cheap, but affordable for what they are.

I don't know if they still use the term, and it is a different look, but try "casement curtain."

Where Can I Find a Curtain Like This One? Good Questions
10/28/13 10:41 PM

100 year old loft windows here. When I first moved in, I bought 1 x 2" wood, created a frame and stapled heavy plastic over it. Then I put it into the window with Mortite, which sealed them in. In the winter I could see them budging in from the draft. They really worked.

I did this LONG before the internet - maybe the kits do just as well - but if you have a place to store them, these DIY interior storm windows really work.

What Is the Best Way To Keep Our Apartment Warm This Winter? Good Questions
10/23/13 09:18 PM

Use the entire front area of the apartment as the living room - it is a nice sized space.

Install a ceiling track and hang fabric flat, floor to ceiling, to create a faux wall to hide your bed - or any other option mentioned to hide the bed. If you use fabric, it could be solid and textured, a pattern - or something that let's light through.

Move the dining table into the area in front of the "bedroom."

I realize that this doesn't tell you where to put your furniture - feel free to float it - but it might help you rethink the space.

Improved Layout For Entertaining in Studio Apartment? Good Questions
10/15/13 07:52 PM

To the person who equated tribal with ethnic - no, they are not the same thing at all. There are major sites, and sales run by extraordinarily knowledgable people selling Tribal Art or Tribal Textiles. It relates to things made by, uh, tribes for their own use, not for tourists. Sometimes Native American material shows up but generally that is a separate category. Thus, something made by the Chin of Myanmar is tribal while a commercial sari is not.

We have, and accept, the term World Music - why not World Decor, since many things shown are made for commercial use and may simply be influenced by a culture, e.g., central Asian Ikat pillows and napkins.

\"Ethnic\" Decor: Is it a One-Size-Fits-All Concept? Justina Blakeney
10/15/13 07:29 PM

Don't give them away - sell them. There are several high end architectural salvage place
S in NYC - Google and contact them.

And, up yes, they have to pick them up.

Guess folks on this thread don't realize the think next to the sink is the BATH tub...

Info on Kitchen Fixtures from the 1920s? Good Questions
10/4/13 04:56 PM

The poster said it in a dying town, which probably means that whoever buys will leave it as is, at least for a while.

Sparkling clean, de-cluttered, staged, new hardware, new light fixture. Visually, I would redo the the counters in laminate or butcher block, depending on the cost, but if they are a decent wood, maybe not.

Rather than paint the cabinets white, maybe sand them after cleaning and put on a matching varnish??? Not simple but it might be much less work than painting them and solve at least one of the problems.

Good luck!

What to Do with Mismatched Cabinets at Grandma's House? Good Questions
9/30/13 06:53 PM

Eye mask. I have huge windows and lots of light. Look at reviews on Amazon - I found one with little molded bumps over the eyes, sit it fits really well. Neoprene smells too much for me.

You will also find that you will sleep more soundly in total darkness.

Suggestions for Blocking the Sun in Large-Windowed Apartment? Good Questions
9/16/13 08:35 PM

It would be helpful to have a guide for hanging art on very large walls. My completely bate bedroo wall is 12' long and 11' high. Since it is viewed from 25' always (it is a loft), I have to find and arrange quite large pieces.

This is an issue that comes up periodically - why not have some tips on it?

Day 20: The Final Touch - Hang Artwork Apartment Therapy's Style Cure
8/28/13 09:23 PM

Buy a huge, inexpensive suzani on eBay and cover it. Since you can't drill, you don't have lots of options.

If not a suzani, a tablecloth, or a sheet...

What To Do with Blah Wardrobe in Colorful Room? Good Questions
8/23/13 10:13 PM