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Check the back and underside for bug eggs, too. I have seen some drawers look clean, until you inspect the underside.

The Ten Commandments of Used Furniture
2/28/13 02:19 PM

@MCross- this sounds like the rings of your binders stay structurally sound- why not make your own? Some fabric around a sturdy cardboard filler, and glue the ring spine in.

Get Organized: Stylish Binders
2/12/13 04:23 PM

I don't print much, so I tend to just grab a printer when Walmart is having its $20 printer sale. Since they are sooo cheap, its often more economical for me to just buy another $20 printer (and recycle the old one), rather than buying replacement ink cartridges. They hardly ever advertise these sales, you just have to keep checking the ends of the aisles in the Electronics Department, every time you're in Walmart.

Battle for the Best:
Printer Shopping Experience

1/28/13 09:27 AM

I recently donated 8 stuffies from my collection to a good home. I'm trying to whittle my husband's colection down, though. He has a bunch from when he was a kid, but they are worn and won't stand up to loving from a new kid, so he only needs to keep a few sentimental ones.

How to Thin Out the Stuffed Animal Collection
1/16/13 04:41 PM

For the people wondering about the acoustic ceiling tiles- I have lived in several places with these types of ceilings. It is usually apartment complexes. One such complex was an office building in a previous life. You will also find them in attic/basement apartments, as it is a flexible solution for homeowners to access to electrical/plumbing, while still being able to have rental income.

Update Idea for Ceiling Fixtures? Good Questions
12/7/12 10:51 AM

The first thing that comes to mind is IKEA panel curtains. They are one of the few things that will cover the window, without eliminating the whole window alcove in the living area.

Ideas for Ceiling Height Windows? Good Questions
12/7/12 10:23 AM

I think it depends on your social circle and how you grew up. My mom is not a fan of having people in her house, so no dinner parties there. My paternal grandmother never actually hosted anything, but there was always someone extra at the dinner table. So- no fine china experience or formal parties there.

My roommate LOVES to throw parties, however we use paper plates, because its such a hassle to do cleanup after you get all that china out (yes- she does have set). (And it is a huge pain to pack up and move all of that.) If we want to get fancy- we get the sturdier paper products. No one complemented the fine china, and no one cares that they are eating on paper plates.

I HAVE noticed that the formal parties (i.e. themes, invitations, and rsvp-ing) had a much lower attendance rate, than the impromtu dinner/movie gatherings. So we just keep a stock of paper products and go with the flow.

In Danger of Extinction: The Dinner Party The New York Times
12/3/12 02:30 PM

You may want to separate. Amazon has the abity to do multiple wish lists, so if its something you don't want, but want to remember- create a different wish list for those items. It will ask you each time which list you want to put it on. Also- you can make your lists public or private, so the list you WANT people to see- just make that one public.

Sneaky Ways to Find Wish Lists Online
11/28/12 03:32 PM

The first three computers I used in school were Macs. I find that you can switch back and forth with minimal issues. For me- the issue is price. I can get a decent Windows laptop for $500-$600. (Less than that, if I'm willing to compromise on a few things...) A comparable Macbook is almost twice that price.

Switching From PC to Mac? What You Need to Know
11/13/12 01:09 PM

Amazon always has a bunch of free or almost free Kindle books, so I have a digital backlog of at least 50 books I need to read. As for print- I love just being in bookstores, so a new friend is always falling off the shelf, trying to greet me. The only month I try not to read a book, is during November. I do Nanowrimo every November, so its better to not stiffle your own creativity by reading someone else's.

How Do You Decide What to Read Next?
11/9/12 12:11 PM

I hated dolls with a passion when I was growing up, but I loved playing with those little Matchbox cars. Parents should understand that kids are just looking for something interesting to play with. Its not always indicitive of that child's gender preference. Just relax and let them be kids.

10 Gender-Neutral Dollhouses
11/9/12 09:52 AM

I have sent out 50 invitations for my wedding, and ONE person has RSVPed. (Today is the deadline, btw.) It wouldn't be so bad, but half of those people would be insulted if they didn't get an invitation.

Party Planning Vent: What's So Hard About RSVPing?
11/8/12 12:18 PM

Yes- it looks to be an hour project at most. I would also get some glue or double-sided tape. The test tube will slip out of the yarn, if not properly secured.

Buy or DIY: Yarn Wrapped Forget Me Not Vases
11/8/12 11:55 AM

Also, some people made comments about choosing to live in an apartment or choosing to live on the first floor. Please note that sometimes medical issues make it impossible to live on upper floors, unless that particular complex has elevators. I have also lived in places where apartment living is affordable, whereas houses and condos are outrageous; so sometimes its not a matter of choice.

What To Do When You Are the Noisy Upstairs Neighbor? Good Questions
11/7/12 11:43 AM

It is NOT your problem that the insulation is gone. As the downstairs neighbor of the same situation, I would recommend a few things:

1) Take your shoes off at the door, and make them the last things you put on before you leave. Shoes (especially ones with any kind of heel) make more noise than you realize.

2) Don't clean or move furniture after 9pm. You would be surprised how noisy you can be, bouncing across the room while dusting or sweeping.

3) Pull your bed away from the wall, or use a blanket to muffle those squeaky mattress springs before sex.

4) Put carpet in high traffic areas, even if its just a few throw rugs.

5) If you have pets, train them to not run all over the house, like a herd of demolition derby elephants.

Other than those, I generally put up with the noise. I know that the insulation is gone, so I try not to hold it against my upstairs neighbor.

What To Do When You Are the Noisy Upstairs Neighbor? Good Questions
11/7/12 11:22 AM

Not sure if it is streaming, but if you're going to do Luther and Sherlock- you HAVE to see Jekyll. Fantastic series.

Lucky Seven: TV Series Worth Streaming on Netflix
11/5/12 04:01 PM

Not just in a family of bunnies. I know a person who has 15 siblings, AND is not on any kind of tv reality show...

Judging Children's Books by Their Covers
11/5/12 03:56 PM

Thanks Lunchy! That tells me how to get permanent marker OFF of a dry erase board!

Learning Letters With A Custom Dry Erase Board Momtastic
10/25/12 02:23 PM

I use my old eyeglass cases. Every time I get new eyeglasses, they come in a new case, so I use the old ones to hold my small sewing and knitting items. Just use a sticker or label to differentiate.

Game Changer!: Spool Of Thread With Built-In Needle Storage
10/25/12 12:47 PM

But- I think you could solve both issues by printing out page copies and using those. That way you have the same asthetic, but you didn't take a book apart to do it.

10 DIY Ideas for Book-Based Kids' Decor
10/23/12 01:29 PM