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I would wait! It's kind of cool in it's current state and your friend may or may not be right about it being worth something. I bought a sofa and matching chair 4 years ago from St. Vinnie's. I knew it was nothing famous but I could see a diamond on the rough. Sadly I couldn't afford to get it redone right away. I thought about reupholstering it myself to save money. I was going to have slip covers made but in reality what I truly wanted was a complete reupholster job with new cushions and all. Everytime I thought about something I could to do to my embarassing sofa and chair I would take that money and squirrel it away. I am happy to report I finally had it completely redone this last month. It was worth the wait and every penny I spent to have it done. It's done right! And exactly the way I had always envisioned it.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Cheap Repair Ideas For This Chair?#comments
6/12/08 09:57 AM

I guess I'm a bit confused. You want to hang something above the t.v.? That would be a too much in my opinion. You are asking a lot of that wall.

Compositionally speaking, it's not bad as far as media walls go, but you are right in your assessment of it being a bit harsh. The boats are very cool and I love the credenza they are sitting on. I would suggest you relocate one of the boats (they might make more of an impact alone anyway), find this elusive driftwood and along with another object and place it all on the credenza. It will keep it more to a livable scale.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Source for Driftwood?
4/16/08 01:34 PM

I think Patrickinchicago said it best! Things like this are all very 'truthy'. For the sake of your relationship with your client I might consider offering a discount or a partial refund to bring the panel(s) more in line with the mass market. As a designer you know we lie and die by referral. If you're great, they'll tell their friends....if you're terrible they'll tell everyone!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: What Would You Do?#comments
4/9/08 08:10 AM

The worst design decisions made are the ones that result in not followinig your gut, buying what you love and listening to "everyone else". Your home is a reflection of you, not that of the average taste catalog shoppers of America.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Opinions on Fiberglass Shell Chairs?
3/21/08 05:37 AM

As a designer I don't find them very ADA friendly and they are loud. On recent site visit to a building with them a coleague went into the women's restroom to see/use it. (they didn't have them in the men's room!?) She washed her hands, used the dyson and when the thing turned on it was so loud it made her shriek. It made me laugh because I could hear her yelling and the machine running about 20' from the restroom door.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? Dyson Airblade
3/18/08 01:19 PM

....and you should maybe replace the door. How about a glass door on the bathroom entrance...frosted glass of course in a painted wood frame...that would be cool too.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Traditional Bathroom With Some Funk?#comments
11/12/07 02:08 PM

Get rid of that toilet and do the pillbox toilet from Kohler. I would also go funky with color or like previous comments some killer wallcovering would be awesome!!!! Go big or go home!

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Traditional Bathroom With Some Funk?#comments
11/12/07 02:06 PM

hey sandyliz....what about some of the ball canning jar lids with the rings and things. There's some rubber on those lids and you can fit those on a lot of different jars...maybe just keeping a few around for things that require air tight.

Apartment Therapy - Top 10: Kitchen Canisters
8/21/07 06:46 PM

I live in a small one bedroom apartment (525 sf.) I have guests come visit me often which I love...usually. This summer though I had a blast from the past call me up. My first boyfriend ever and his partner looked me up and said they wanted to come for a visit and would it be alright if they stayed with me....for 5 days. That's a long time to share living quarters with two people you haven't seen in 13 years!!! I was too nice and said sure! I have to say I lucked out when their plans changed at the last minute and they didn't come to visit. I was very nervous about that much time and all the dynamics that would be involved.

SO....the point of all this is I have a new rule for house guests. When making plans I look at the last year and figure out how many times I have seen them. The number of times I've seen them is the number of days I figure they can stay at my place. Most of good friends I see a couple of times a year so I figure...that's a weekend. I apply the same rule to myself when going to friends homes. Obviously this works becuase the more frequently I see someone the better our friendship would be and more comfortable I would feel staying with them for a longer period of time.

In the future...blasts from the past will need to find accomdations near my apartment.

Apartment Therapy - AT on... Houseguests Behaving Badly
8/16/07 08:41 AM

This appears to be a mechanical closet and houses a portion if not all of your HVAC for the loft. It would important that whatever you do allows for proper fresh air intake/air circulation/air exchange so that the unit functions properly and heats/cools your space evenly.

That being said. I would consider a floor to ceiling curtain on a ceiling mounted hospital track that covered that entire wall and maybe even wrapped around the corner to carry that element around. You could just pull the drapery back then when you needed access to the mechanincal unit.

Good Questions: How Can I Cover Up This Nook?#comments#comments
7/27/07 06:50 AM

I think I should test it. I just love a good lubricant...I mean if things are going to rub against, grind, slip and create general friction..lubrication is important...and Astroglide doesn't work on my door hinges.

Reader Test Lab: Jig-A-Loo All Around Lubricant#comments#comments
7/26/07 01:08 PM

well...if money were no object...


Top 10: Stylish Ways to Camp Out (or Pretend You're Camping Even if You're at Home)
7/26/07 01:03 PM

I think the Bertolia chair from Knoll would be smashing. I would think about the color of the chair and then the pad on it depending on what else you have going on in the room, but I think a bright, modern contrast would be most pleasant.

Good Questions: What Chairs Will Go With this Table?#comments#comments
7/26/07 12:52 PM

These were one of my most favorite things at NeoCon this year...these and meeting Karim Rashid! I think these chairs are original, comfortable and I'm looking for a project for them. They are whip smart!!! Congratulations on the award and I'll be looking for more things to come.

Jane Hamley Wells at NeoCon
6/21/07 10:16 AM

I don't think you can ignore the green floor (and it's another dark plane), and if you are willing to go dark brown I'm betting you aren't afraid of color....SOOOOOO...my solution would be a citrus/parakeet/chartreuse kind of green. It will play nicely with the other white walls, it's a good accent and it will keep the space open and airy.

GO FOR IT!!!!!

Good Questions: Should I Paint My Bathroom Wall Chocolate Brown?
6/21/07 10:06 AM

Hunter Douglas Silhouettes!!! These are the most beautiful window shadings out there...in my opinion. You are going to have to spend some money on them, but they are worth it. The roll up completely if you want them to go away and they roll up into a concealed headrail. When they are down you can either have the vanes open between the sheer panels or tilt them closed for complete privacy. I love for a variety of reasons and put them in almost every clients home.

A hospital track would be another option but that's either open or closed. Check out the Hunter Douglas website.

Good Questions: Best Window Treatments for This Space?
6/1/07 06:12 PM

I will always think of Indiana on Memorial Day because of the fact that I have spent most of mine in Linton, Indiana. My dad went to the Indy 500 a lot and we would visit my grandmother Joanna Struckmeyer Sutphin. She loved this holiday. It's taken me sometime to understand why she loved this holiday so much, but it was probably because she loved my grandfather Theron so much. He served in WWII and there's was a classic small town love story, a wedding shortly before he was shipped overseas and a daughter who was born while he served in Germany.

We always went to his grave first. We would talk about him which was good because I never knew him. He died before I was born and this was when would learn things about him we didn't probably know before. This was also when I would learn about the infinite possibilities in which one could arrange silk flowers.

My grandmother always bought new ones for his headstone. There were two vases on either side of the marker. She would take out the ones she had placed last year and replace them with the new. We would then walk over to my great grandparents headstone. She would take the flowers she had just removed and put them at her parents headstone and she'd say a little prayer. Then the flowers she had removed from her parents head stone (2 years old now) she would take over to my grandfather's parents and remove the three year old flowers and replace them with the two year old flowers. By now you can get how the rest of my day would go with her. We would run into other distant relatives while out decorating the graves of our many generations. And we would go until we had hit everyone she could remember or at least where they were buried.

I have to say looking back that was some fine recycling she was doing and although the plants and flowers were fake, it was a fairly 'green' tradition we had.

My grandmother passed away four years ago and I miss her terribly. I haven't been to Linton since her funeral and I wonder if anyone put 'fresh' flowers on her grave today. I hope somebody did, and one of these days, I'm going to go down there and to memorialize her and my grandfather I will probably buy some brightly colored silk flowers and recycle the rest the best I can remember.

Happy Memorial Day
5/28/07 02:07 PM

Wow! There's a lot going one here but it works and it's homey which is nice to see in this contest. I LOVE the pot lids on the wall. That is just really cute and inventive. These are the kinds of entries that I love to see in the finals. I can tell you did this yourself and you did it well. Congrats and good luck!

Northwest Finalist #1: Delight's Cozy Nest for Three
5/14/07 03:59 PM

This is really a great place. It feels like someone lives here, it's well thought out, it's beautiful and really well done. Congrats on being a finalist!

Southwest Semi-Finalist #1: Laura's Fresh Start Studio
5/14/07 03:54 PM

Smashing success!

#30 - Ron's Hotel "Sweet"
5/14/07 12:25 PM