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Oh Mann (along with Cherry Hill) are historic.

Admittedly, many neighborhoods were named because someone built a subdivision. But, I worry about the idea of drawing boundaries. That is against the whole way Seattle organizes itself, even tho I would prefer things to be much more orderly myself.

Maybe just put dots or little flags at the epicenter of each neighborhood with the name and ditch the outlines. I colorize and throw in big institutions and parks....

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9/24/08 12:24 AM

You are braver than many to do a map of Seattle neighborhoods!

The boundaries are mutable and overlap, unlike other cities where the government designates the neighborhood boundaries.

It's a tough thing because there are historic neighborhoods, historic towns that were brought into Seattle, neighborhood associations with their ever changing territory (for example Madrona used to go up to 25th or 26th as recently as 10 years ago) , neighborhood planning areas, City of Seattle maps, descriptions on wikipedia (which while I disagree with how they organize the Central District and map it, they do have a good description of the issue of neighborhoods on their Seattle Neighborhoods page), and history link

What is considered the Central Area or Central District is an OVERLAY that consists of all of some neighborhoods and parts of others, as well as parts that were always just the Central District as those areas had no other name.

Here are a few suggestions. The Central Area includes Judkins and Madison Valley. It does not go very far south of I-90, if at all south of I90. Having some neighborhoods called out, including Madison Valley and Judkins and Garfield and Jackson Place, etc, might be ok with the rest left as the Central District, or overlay the Central District.

Madison Park does not cross the Arboretum. Your map is missing Madison Valley, which also considers itself part of the Central Area. BTW, Madison Valley was originally a farm owned by an early African American settler. Parts of Madrona and Leschi have also been part of the Central Area.

Here are some maps:





Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

Squire Park (which includes the historic area of Cherry Hill)

Good Luck!!

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9/24/08 12:15 AM