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I have never heard of the neighborhoods Minor and Mann - and I've lived almost exclusively in that area for the past 10 years. Depends on how detail oriented they want to get - Seattle has lots of mini-neighborhood names. (For example, I lived recently in a nebulous area east of First Hill, south of Seattle U and north of the ID - it was a 3 block neighborhood called Spruce Park, apparently.

If they want to split up the CD, Squire Park is fairly well-known and is a pretty big part of the CD.

I would also advocate denoting East and West Queen Anne - the hill that separates them makes them quite distinct in character.

I've never heard the area below SoDo and above Georgetown named the Industrial Disctrict. Usually, it's just called the industrial discrict in SoDo.

"Pike Market"? Really? NO ONE SAYS THAT. except out-of-towners. People call it Pike Place or The Market. Also, it's not a neighborhood - no one talks about the Pike Place Market neighborhood. It's an area within downtown.

I've never heard of the Atlantic Neighborhood, although Judkins Park is familiar.

I like the idea and would buy one. But if they made a poster that said included Minor or Mann, I'd be pissed and definitely wouldn't buy one. I second the realtor white-washing comment.

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