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Who would do this? I'm super crafty and a sewer and this is just not worth it! Buy a new one in a fun color.

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12/17/09 05:32 PM

I tend to clean in my underwear, it's easier in case you get wet, and then you can slip if all off to clean the tub and shower. Kind of ridiculous, but it works for me.

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5/8/09 03:53 PM

My mom has an Iron-Rite mangle, a standing iron just like these. She inherited it from her mother and she loves to iron linens on it. She is sad to see it go as she downsizes. I told her about this one that folds up smaller, but at $2200 I think she'll have to do without it in her new condo.

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3/31/09 03:06 PM

I dug around a little and cannot find where I can buy this awesome soap holder. Any ideas?

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3/5/09 02:19 PM

Where is that awesome lamp from? I need to have it!

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10/21/08 12:58 PM

I live by Kim's Clarendon Hardware in Edgewater at 6050 N Broadway Street, and while I love Clark-Devon for bigger projects, Kim's always has what I need and more. They even re-did my screens cheaper than the maintenance guys in my building could do, and with better quality materials.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What's Your Local Hardware Spot?
9/26/08 01:19 PM

Over the summer I started reading AT nearly every day and my style has since been leaning towards Danish Modern. I have started replacing thrift store finds and trash room hand-me-downs with vintage pieces from antique stores. Although I can't part with my transitional sofa, too expensive just to trade in after 3.5 years. Now I have gone lamp-crazy and want to replace all my matching IKEA lamps with vintage ones. But I am holding back trying to get control of my "needless spending".

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How Often Do You Change Your Design Style?
9/23/08 12:41 PM

Chicago has a similar map of neighborhoods, and it's a wonderful hand-drawn color poster. I used to have it hangining in my office. Here is the link:

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9/23/08 12:15 PM