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thanks for the re-post AT! For those chairs, I think I bought about 2 yards. Actually I bought remnants from calico corners and I think it was about $15. Honestly, all together, it was probably around $30, which included the cording, fabric, staples and spray paint. And of course, the chairs were FREE! Thanks again!

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12/28/10 12:48 PM

love it... and so happy to know where i can find that green bike basket... MoMA had it on their website a while ago, but i missed the chance to but it!

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10/13/10 01:54 PM

Thanks for the comments! I actually agree with not painting wood typically, but the wood had a black speckled look to it... anyway, needless to say, I painted it much against my boyfriend's advice as well!

Thanks again!

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12/2/09 03:52 PM

where can i find that orange floral fabric?? i love it!!

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3/6/09 03:14 PM

check out fritz tiles... they are terrazzo tiles made from either recycled glass or granite/marble... they also make really cool countertops.... (you can request samples from the website)

otherwise, cork is another great option! if you like marmoleum, you might also look into lineoleum...

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Question: Green Flooring Options for a Kitchen?
10/24/08 07:36 AM

oh yeah... and any wood products that are fcs certified, although i think it could get pretty expensive...

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Question: Can Anyone Recommend Some Green Cabinetry?
9/23/08 11:53 AM

here are a couple of options if she does not want to do it herself...

bamboo is obviously an excellent green product. she could have cabinets made from bamboo... another product which is sort of interesting is Paperstone... there are not too many color options, but i've seen a kitchen done using this and it looks pretty nice... i am also using it in a project i am working on. also, depending on the budget, you can look into laminates... laminart has some nice things. (if you use a laminate you can spec wheatboard and zero formaldehyde adhesives...)

there are many options for countertops... concrete is simple and durable, terrazzo (might be more on the expy side...) also, any sort of cermanic tile is considered green. you just have to make sure the installer uses adhesives with low voc's... fritz tile is another cool product that uses recycled glass and looks similar to terrazzo...

hope this helps!!!!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Question: Can Anyone Recommend Some Green Cabinetry?
9/23/08 11:51 AM