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no thanks.

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? Claw Feet Chairs
10/24/08 08:46 AM

cool it sort of reminds me of that mural from "Thre Men and a Baby/Little Lady"....

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The $10 Room Makeover...Thanks to Sharpie
9/24/08 12:20 PM

they all smell sort of too much for me - pacifica candles are my fav!


they last forever and have great up-to-date fragrances.

yankees always seem to be a little post-trend.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What's Your Favorite Yankee Candle Scent?
9/23/08 07:16 AM

maybe for a grade/middle school art class, or a museum that is focussed on art for youth/tweens?

once students are able to get to an age where respect for whimsy turns into an invite for ridicule, this item would be lost.

i honestly can't think of anywhere else where these would be appropriate.

Apartment Therapy New York | Hot or Not? Soft Hercules Stool by FAT
9/23/08 07:13 AM