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my husband and i have done lots of housesitting in the hyde park/south kenwood neighborhoods of chicago. (hello, obamas!) for us, it was a treat to get out of our apartment and hang with our neighbors' beloved pets (we couldn't have our own), while the pets avoided the kennel and the owners had peace of mind about their house not sitting empty while they were away.

if you can find someone you trust and who'd view the opportunity as a little vacation of their own, then great! paying them about what you would for the kennel could be enough. everyone wins!

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11/23/09 02:00 PM

so great, em! definitely inspiring. would love to see it (but mostly you) in person sometime. :)

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4/14/09 10:39 PM

LOVING the brightness of this.

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4/14/09 10:32 PM

good ones! i made a skirt once out of a vintage pillow case. sooooo easy and super comfy.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 10 Uses for Pillowcases
2/20/09 01:50 PM

their place is gorgeous and i'd live there in a heartbeat. and that sink! oh my. nice work.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Tour: Chuck and Holly's High School Home
1/22/09 08:01 PM

i went to pilsen to visit the textile discount outlet the other day and it took forever to find a spot. i'd say an average of 5 or 6 spots were "reserved" on each block within a three block radius.

if i tried to swing this in hyde park, i'd probably fail. never seen it here. not sure why some neighborhoods make such a big practice of it and others don't, and i'm not sure why some neighborhoods even get away with it.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Saving Parking Spots with Furniture
1/13/09 01:11 PM

i'll be doing a reupholstery apprenticeship with a pro in indianapolis starting in january and would love to have your chairs be our first project together, but i think it will be too late . . .

good luck! :)

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11/12/08 07:09 AM

the use of "still" in this title made me laugh. like, "are you still livin' in the past, oh lame one?" it is an interesting question though.

we don't have albums and the majority of our photos are from an ok-quality digital camera. as we have moved a lot, too, they remain largely on our computer.

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11/2/08 04:33 PM

my first thought was a shade of gray, too. a medium one would be very nice.

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10/28/08 08:15 PM

oh, geez. the couch, by far. put me in that bed and i'll never wanna get back up to finish the rest of the day. plus, if you don't have a couch you ever wanna nap in, what are you doing with the thing anyways?

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9/26/08 07:33 AM