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I have a large King George type dresser in my dining room. it stores the linens and candles and...the liquor! It makes a great liquor cabinet- high enough to keep visiting munchkin's hands off of the glassware!

Apartment Therapy DC | Dresser in the Kitchen
11/4/08 06:56 AM

Basic dining etiquette goes a long way in a business setting. There is something refined and courteous about having good manners. I was taught that the fork and knife go at the 3oclock position after eating but I was not taught that until I took an etiquette course in college (in 1999).

Manners isn't a matter of being condescending, it's a matter of being polite to those around us.

Apartment Therapy DC | Look! Table Manners Dinnerware by Willie Tsang
10/31/08 05:32 AM

Now where do we find Don Draper?

Apartment Therapy DC | Mad Men Style from Entertainment Weekly
10/30/08 06:09 AM

Why take the photos if you aren't going to share them?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Family Pictures: Private Moments on Display
10/27/08 09:49 AM

Freecycle! Combine trips when you go somewhere. And reuse and repurpose all you can. Vinegar is the best cleaner. It's great for so many things without harming the environment like many commercial cleaners.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Save Money at Home
10/8/08 05:50 AM

This is fabulous! Instead of my dog lying on the stairs every morning, she could have her own spot. She follows the sun down the steps making it an accident waiting to happen- both her falling off and me falling down the stairs! Sign me up!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? SunSpa for Pets
9/30/08 09:15 AM

I have a brick wall in my kitchen. The brick wall hosts the oven and a woodstove. Under the oven is a nook for the firewood. The nook has a door that goes to the outside so you don't have to trudge wood thru the house. Just a few nice things about an old house.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Great and Small: What Makes Your Kitchen Special?
9/26/08 06:01 AM

alphabetical and vertical. 'cept reference, which have their own shelf and go where they fit.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How Do You Stack Your Books?
9/25/08 09:40 AM

anywhere. really. it doesn't take anything and i am out! love it too....i can get the best naps. it depends what i'm in the mood for. a short nap? the couch. a long comforting nap? the bed. and ooooo can i sleep! it killed me when i left college and entered the "real world" where i couldn't take a nap midday! it took months to adjust!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Survey: What's The Best Place To Take A Nap?
9/25/08 09:34 AM

LEMON!!!! It's like having a clean house all day long!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What's Your Favorite Yankee Candle Scent?
9/23/08 09:21 AM

My dog must be part cat, then! She sits in the window sills to sniff the air and enjoy the sunshine. She would LOVE something like this!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | PetSafe Cat Veranda
9/22/08 05:41 AM