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The top sheet pulls out because it is either too short or too slippery. A quick and neat solution: find an old non-slippery flat sheet and stitch it to the bottom of the slippery sheet. making it maybe a yard longer. This should work unless your mattress is too stiff and heavy to lift for tuck-in. I also second the idea of putting a flannel flat sheet or fitted bottom under the "real" sheet, to create needed friction. If switching to flannel sheets altogether, make sure they are all-cotton; if polyester, they can pill and you will be sleeping on sandpaper.

How To Prevent Sheets From Slipping Off The Bed?
Good Questions

11/24/12 05:55 PM

Drying with fabrics is left over from the days when dishes were wood and pots would rust. Dishes come out of the dishwasher dry enough for storage; ditto dishes and pots hand-washed and allowed to drop for a minute. I have stacks of cotton washcloths dedicated to kitchen wipe-up and semi-drying of pots and other hand-washable. And stacks of white bar cloths for grungier tasks. Cotton hand towels (not dish cloths) hang on the refrigerator handle for interim hand-wiping. The thinner the better. But not microfiber—my experience is that they HOLD a lot of water, but are too slow to pick it up. Even after many washings, a drop of water will bead on the surface before sinking in. I appreciate all the suggestions above, and will certainly try some.

Dish Towels That Actually Absorb Water

8/28/12 12:22 PM