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i bought that accordion mirror. i use it less than i thought i would, but have been amazed at how much people secretly love it. it's always pulled out (sometimes far, sometime not) from it's home position. i also love this thing, even though the reviews suggest it may break soon:

An Apothecary Style Bathroom
Dream Bathroom Roundup

9/18/11 02:41 PM

aww man that makes me miss seattle. I worked a skip away at beth's. and shopped at the pcc. which had the same prices as whole foods.

Lesley's Guide to Ravenna
Seattle, Washington

9/16/10 11:18 PM

forget vaccination even, you should not have to pasteurize eggs or vaccinate chickens. that's putting a band-aid on a huge wound. The reason the people that get eggs from small farms and other producers that have the chickens in a good environment don't have problems is simply because the chickens and eggs are in an environment where salmonella and other viruses aren't rampant.

If you get your stuff from places that keep the environment clean and treat the animals well, you don't have to worry or take measures that kill other nutrients that you do need.

Food in the News: What's the Deal with Pasteurized Eggs?
8/31/10 07:33 PM

oop... i also love old textbooks, crazy stuff in those things!

Stylish Books to Entertain Guests | Apartment Therapy New York
11/17/09 09:36 PM

i rotate mine so i can absorb different random info too, or just look at the purty pictures :)

i love vintage life magazines... or any other old magazines, really. i usually find them at garage sales.

i also love ego trip's big book of rap lists, disposable (history of skateboard graphics) and robert frank's 'the americans' ...
there's just so much good stuff for coffee tables and i don't agree that coffee table books aren't for social settings.
there's always the early guests... or situations where guests may not know each other and need ice breakers. or times when it's just fun to look and discuss with friends. and i always look at my own coffee table books.

Stylish Books to Entertain Guests | Apartment Therapy New York
11/17/09 09:34 PM

ORANGE!!! not on the yellow or rust side, a golden orange

What Color Should I Paint This Room? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles#comments#comments#comments
11/10/09 09:01 PM

i started with some curtains for my office.

Apartment Therapy New York | The Fall Cure: Retail Therapy Week 4 - Intro
11/3/09 09:20 PM

Now that's an open floor plan, love how the windows extend out into the backyard!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Zac's Raw House Melbourne
11/3/09 08:30 AM

oh man wait, i had a lightbulb, the biggest thing that needs to be filtered in my home... the computer i am typing on! I bring my work laptop home as i tend to need to do work outside of the workplace, and my habit has been to not use my personal laptop and instead sit my laptop on the couch and combine use on it. the problem is if i am sitting on the couch and thinking about what i could do with a free hour or day or 15 minutes, i usually stop there and grab my laptop and start working and browsing the internet.

i am going to start making it stay on the table or in my office so my free time is my free time and i do more for myself at home. i'm loving this.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The Fall Cure: The Landing Strip Week 3 - Tips & Tricks#comments
10/30/09 12:25 PM

i have the PERFECT area for my landing strip... i'm on a 2nd floor in a 2 flat and the entire stairs up and nook are mine only and there is another door to my apt. ... it's just the habit and feeling like this area is part of my home. i only see it the few seconds i come home or leave.
mail is the worst part of my routine. i think it's the routine i need to get down, because i have organized my landing strip a million times.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The Fall Cure: The Landing Strip Week 3 - Tips & Tricks
10/30/09 12:18 PM

My project for the weekend is the "crap bag" - i have no filter or routine for my mail and other things i bring in, so when i clean every week i stuff it in this bag in my dining room, and it's growing. I am going to make my entry way way more organized and leave my bag at the door, and stopped kicking my shoes off around the house. the main thing is the mail routine, though. i have really old stuff in that bag.

Apartment Therapy New York | The Fall Cure: The Landing Strip Week 3 - Intro
10/30/09 12:09 PM

i am going to bake and decorate a cake at home. i can end up decorating cakes from time to time at work a realized that i love it but i've never done it at home, so i am going to do it for my boyfriends birthday.

also, i am going to throw out a ton of things this weekend that are just clutter.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Fall Cure: Creating Your VisionWeek 1- Show and Tell
10/29/09 07:09 PM

i love my kramfors... just unhappy that i didn't buy an extra cover in the color i have (myrby yellow) because it is now discontinued and i'm not ecstatic about the quality on the cover. but i sleep on this couch a lot of nights and it was a way more affordable option that fitted what i wanted.

i'm currently trying to figure out my dining room chairs. they were cheap and are hideous and i can see painting them making them a score plus i can't afford anything ideal... so now it's how to make them a score because if i paint and re-upholster them they run the risk of looking goofy :/

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Turning A Furniture Regret Around
10/28/09 10:14 PM

Since i am doing two rooms i have two different visions.
I want my bedroom to be different than my entire house, which has an eclectic mix of things i love in every room, plus tons of vintage knick knacks with a lot of mid century decor.
The bedroom i want to be a resting place that speaks to a different personal side of me, that is minimal and calming and more like a spa, but a spa that i would design. I love the rooms that i see that have the big soft looking comforters and feel really simple and luxurious.

I want my extra room to gain organization and functionality. I want shelves for reference books and materials and for it to be a more personal reflection of things that i love & that inspire me that don't fit anywhere else in my house. I would love to make things that i have been planning to make from collected objects to hang on the walls, or at least feel like i have a place to do that. And I want to get all of the objects that belong on display to finally find a home in that room. and for once, i want a room that is monotone : all kinds of green!!

Apartment Therapy New York | The Fall Cure: Creating Your Vision Week 1 - Intro
10/27/09 11:33 PM

i am removing FURNITURE!!! from the extra room in my apt, and moving some stuff out of my bedroom to that room. when i got this apt. i had nothing, now i have way too much. So i want to make my bedroom an oasis and make the extra room a functional workroom instead of a place to store crap.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | The Green Cure: Setting Your Intention Week 1 - Intro
10/27/09 09:27 AM

worst pest experience ever!!! it was very stressful in general.

my roommate at the time & i discovered we had them... who knows how, they could have travelled with a guest, with us from a hotel or may have been in the building before we got there

she was getting bit for a while but couldn't figure it out. then one night i woke up and a bug was crawling across my pillow. UGH

the next day i still hadn't realized it could be bed bug so i flipped my mattress looking for spiders or something. UGH

they had a small home in the crevices of the mattress. i had only heard of a friend in new york with the same issue a few years previous... did some research online and it was pretty clear that was the issue. i started getting big welts in groupings of 3 or more.

i had a hard time sleeping after that, moved to the couch and they followed me there! in chicago it is regulated as a public health thing so the landlord had to get an exterminator. many exterminators don't know much about them so it can often take many visits to get them under control.

we both were moving, so i am not sure how it got taken care of building-wide. i don't know how it could have been since they can live for 18 months without feed and go in crevices. when my roommate found them in the hole in the wall that a nail was in i immediatly freaked out and decided to not take any furniture to the new apt. with me.

so, the remaining stuff had to be either treated or cleaned. you can't clean books and such, so i bagged all of it. no one could guarantee me they weren't hiding in any of those crevices. so everything that was dear to me & that i couldn't completely inspect, treat or clean was bagged for two years. i just didn't want to have to deal with all of that again so i erred on the side of caution.

clothes had to be washed in hot and dried. i lost the majority of my wardrobe due to shrinkage.

it was kind of stressful, i had to put a lot of money into new furniture (i didn't have a lot to begin with, but its not cheap either way), new clothes, treating stuff and most of the things that made my home feel like a home were gone, in bags.

all that and i still couldn't sleep peacefully for a long time!

i personally don't ever want to live in a large apartment building again, don't take luggage into hotels or sometimes even friends houses when travelling (if i do i store them away from beds and off the floor) and if i get second hand furniture i scrub it and inspect it.

sounds neurotic but it is really something you don't want to experience twice!

Apartment Therapy DC | Survey: Have You Suffered from Bed Bugs in Your Home? Washington City Paper
3/31/09 07:21 PM

holy bajeeez i have lived with the worst... bedbugs. renters in big cities beware... you get what you pay for! i think the building i lived in had an infestation and the landlord didn't really care to treat it. bedbugs and other bugs like roaches also seem to love bigger buildings... just more people = better chance of having unwanted visitors.

right now i am in a lovely 2 flat and the current problem are squirrels that seem insistent in getting in. my landlord is awesome and is trying to remedy the situation.

bugs are definitely way worse that cold squirrels. i think.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Keeping Your Home Pest Free Oregon Home Magazine
2/25/09 04:44 PM

i can say from personal experience that a home is a reflection of what is going on in a person's life. the past two years i experienced major stress, depression and change in life.
for one, i barely had any furniture. I didn't have much expendable income, and really wasn't taking care of myself. work was taking what energy i had left, so i didn't clean often enough. when i got a new apartment and new roommate who i wasn't jivin too well with, i became an obessive freak about cleaning and it annoyed everyone. i think it was an attempt to be in control of something in my life at home.

now i have my own apartment. it is not the nicest, but myself and my boyfriend have put a lot of work into it - from shampooing carpets, painting and buying stuff, to making wallhangings and refinishing furniture. i have my depression under control, my career is where i need it to be and i feel in control at home. i garage sale and thrift shop a lot and buy furniture in my price range - usually vintage pieces that need to fix or refinished. for the first time in years i feel great coming home and really love to work on things to add my personality to the place. each new thing i add makes it more of a home.

cleaning and organizing followed suit... i don't overclean but i do clean up messes daily and do everything else at least weekly. that way when i am in my home i can find peace and concentrate on other things, like art projects and having friends over.

i wish someone would've seen my apartments in the above state or when i was obsessively cleaning and gently stepped in and offered help. maybe if they helped me organize or clean they would've figured out that i was in a depression and needed help.

i have found with other people that sometimes that it just signifies that they don't have the skills - we are all not given a full skill set for life. so maybe offering to help in those situations could be appreciated.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What Does Your Home Say About You?#comments
9/21/08 09:43 AM