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Beautifully done! I've been struggling to fit my kitchen into a similarly sized and laid out place, and it's heartening to see that you've gone with a very similar layout. Love it!

Joy's Less is Definitely More Small Cool Contest
5/16/13 05:07 AM

I agree with LalieMod. Layout #2, but turn the dining table 90˚. And shop around for a non-sectional couch solution that is proportional to the space. Smaller spaces are overwhelmed by those big luggers. Legs under a couch create the impression of floating and consequently more space.
The skinny console behind the couch is an inspired idea, by the by.

How To Lay Out Furniture in New Condo Living Room? Good Questions
4/27/13 08:05 AM

That looks REALLY good. It just lifts the boring beige-ness out of the room.

Before & After: Butterscotch Bathroom Tile Gets an Inexpensive Update
2/6/13 05:57 PM

The curtain rods look fine, but I'd have a different coloured curtain in each room though. The ones you've got look too similar in colour to reinforce the separate room/feel.

Apart from that, once you unpack all those boxes and get everything settled into it its right home, you should also feel right at home.

Do Different Types of Curtain Rods in One Apartment Work? Good Questions
1/23/13 08:23 AM

Found it! Net's a bit slow here.

Kimmy & Nathan's Art Driven Loft
House Tour

11/26/12 01:25 AM

Swap the sofa for a black leather buttoned 3 seater and I am so all over that. That blue is yucky, and it's really under scaled for the space. What I'd really like to see is the motorcycle parked inside. That would be cool.

Kimmy & Nathan's Art Driven Loft
House Tour

11/26/12 01:23 AM

Loose the door and shelve it.

Ideas for Unusually Shaped Kitchen Cupboard? Good Questions
11/5/12 08:31 AM

Ok, so the laws of physics should be helpful here. What you essentially need to do is add an extra layer of glazing. I'm down in Australia, and work at hardware shop. We have this stuff that is layered transparent patio roofing for blocking heat transfer. What blocks heat should also slow down noise. If I were you, I'd get something like this, cut it to fit each piece of glass and stick it up there with a bit of double sided tape.
Or if I'd bought the place I'd look into triple glazing. Most of the noise will be coming through the glass.
If you do something like that, and then get heavy duty curtains, it should help.

Soundproofing Ideas for Highway Noise? Good Questions
10/29/12 12:17 AM

Assuming that you're renting, and with a nod to the futon style bedding, have you considered the good ol' fashioned room divider, or Shoji Screen, a la what you might see on the following website:
If you own it, the sheer curtain concept seems quite cool, although semi-sheer panel curtains (not unlike Ikea's ANNO range) might give more structure to the see through airiness.
And seconding Stationeryfiend's observation, some blinds would really help that space.
Best of luck!

How Can I Create a (Semi-)Private Bedroom? Good Questions
8/28/12 09:40 AM