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I had the childrens breakfast set too. i've been searching for it for years, thanks!

Juice, Jam, and Coffee: Vintage Breakfast Tabletop Etsy Scavenger | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/9/10 11:32 PM

When you interview with prospective roommates, be upfront about the level of cleanliness you are comfortable with and that you'd like to live in a home with other people who share your views on neatness. You will definitely find other people who are happy and relieved to live with a non-slob.

Help! Everyone Except Me is a Slob! Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/24/09 05:50 PM

This is coming from the perspective of the lease holder of a small apartment of three people.

I truly believe that because we each pay our portion of the rent, this is OUR home, not MY home. Christina should have some say in the look and feel of her home.

Definitely asking and gauging how your roommates feel about particular furniture and space is key. Maybe he loves that blue couch, it's his dream couch, and has never thought of changing it. Maybe he hates the tv console and is happy someone else is willing to take care/change it. You just don't know til you ask and you have to work with what you have.

My personal feelings, as the person who is on the lease and lived at our home the longest, is that after all the roommates are gone, I will still be here. This means I am less eager to let go of my couch, kitchen table, and other furniture. Once the roommate moves out, and takes their couch with them, I have to purchase another one. If my roommate is long term (2 years), of course that changes how willing I am to make changes. Really state your commitment to your home if you want to change things.

I'm going on three years with a roommate, we both love vintage kitsch, plants, and homey feel. We also share a comfort level when it comes to clutter and cleaning (a lil' more on the cluttered side, definitely not minimal). When we got a new roommate, we were upfront about our cleanliness level, and open to adjustments in decoration. Our aesthetic is apparent, and when a roommate makes the decision to move in, they are also deciding that they are okay with the look of the place they are moving into.

Not everyone has the money to refurnish their homes or hire a decorator, which is probably why they have roommates, to afford to live in a nicely sized home or in a city with a high quality of life.

Suggesting Decor Changes in a Shared Space? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
11/18/09 10:02 PM

we save old jars (from pb, jams, ect) wash'em and use them to store food. just as good as pyrex, and way cheaper.

How To Control Plastic Container Clutter | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
11/17/09 02:58 AM

I do it with a ringable sponge mop, on spray bottle of diluted cleaning solution, and another spay bottle of water.

A former roommate loved the spraying swiffer, but it drove me crazy. When you spray soap on the floor without rinsing it off, it just becomes glue and traps all sorts of junk to the floor.

I am a firm believer that if you sweep often, you only need to mop once a month.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | How Do You Clean Your Kitchen Floor? The Fall 2009 Kitchen Cure
11/5/09 05:29 PM

strike that

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Roundup: Junk Chandeliers Most Popular Posts
10/6/09 01:59 AM

what is the first chandelier? with the ponies?

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Roundup: Junk Chandeliers Most Popular Posts
10/6/09 01:58 AM

VERY selective dumpster diving

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Could You Eat on $25 a Week?
9/26/09 05:14 PM

I'm living off $25 a week already.
Farmer's market
Coupon day at the health food store
Dumpster diving

I'm not vegan, but i rarely buy cheese. Good cheese is pricey!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Could You Eat on $25 a Week?
9/26/09 05:13 PM

i just made three jars full of pickled grapes. would it be too crazy to put them in the galette? would the flavors work or am i crazy?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Recipe: Goat Cheese and Grape Galettes
9/26/09 05:04 PM

my friends had chickens for a little over a year. they kept them in their backyard, a quarter of the yard being the coop. as i remember, in san francisco, the chicken laws are fairly strict. you need a 50ft radius around the chickens. this wasn't a problem until a spiteful neighbor moved into the area and reported the chickens and their 25ft radius.

i've always wondered if the same rules apply to quails.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | The Return of the Backyard Chicken The New Yorker
9/23/09 08:51 PM

i'm really happy apartment therapy is addressing communal/roommate decorating. a majority of the posts were often about couples.
i've lived alone, and enjoy living with others, even if there are clashes of style.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Living with Roommates: Lessons from 5 Communal Homes
8/5/09 10:57 PM

Actually, purslane isn't harmful to other plants. At the farm I work at, we plant it as a cover crop to keep away other weeds. It's a tasty treat when gardening. I always go by the rule: one in the basket, one in the mouth. I find the leaves tasty, but the stems too sour.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Native Greens: Purslane Hollywood, California
6/24/09 06:38 PM

I rent in San Francisco. If my old model refrigerator is using crazy amounts of energy and doubling our electricity bill, does my landlord have a responsibility to replace it? If I purchase a newer model (used from craigslist is a possibility), am I entitled to any reimbursement from my landlord?

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | May Open Thread we're posting active conversations...
5/6/09 01:02 AM

in the warmer (ie fruit fly) months, we keep the compost bin in the freezer. when taken out to the large compost bin, it just rolls out like a rock! minimal clean up.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Best Kitchen Composters
4/29/09 12:42 AM

i love nasturtium pesto. just use nasturtium leaves instead of basil, and walnuts instead of pine nuts. throw in some honey and lemon. too delicious!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Container Gardening Inspiration: Edible Nasturtiums
4/29/09 12:26 AM

I recently had surgery, but have recovered. Now I own a great deal of occupational therapy/mobility aids for my home (shower stool, an over toilet frame.)
How do I dispose of these now that I'm done with them? My garbage company charges for extra pick ups (we've already used our free pick ups.)
Could I donate these to someone in need? If so, is it even sanitary?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | San Francisco Open Thread April 2009
4/2/09 04:11 PM

When Trader Joe's discontinued their Soyrizo Taquitos, I was so heartbroken, I didn't step back into the store for another 3 years.
In college, I would sometimes spend half a week's worth of grocery money to buy a box.

Unmissed: a year ago, rifling through my childhood stuff, I found a coupon for Nestea Popsicles. Why eleven year old me thought it would be a good idea to save 20 cents on frozen black tea, I will never know.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What's Your Favorite Discontinued Food Product?
3/31/09 05:09 PM

"Craving: Pão de Queijo", it's in Portuguese?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Mark Bittman's Pantry, Cheesy Snack Balls, An Ideal Pan, Korean Pancakes, and a Happy Kitchen Top posts for March 2-8, 2009
3/11/09 10:24 PM

FYI, Richmond, the city, is completely different than "the Richmond district" in San Francisco.

I lived in the Inner Richmond District for almost 7 years and loved it. It's a mix of lil'chinatown, lil'russia, and lil'ireland. Some of the best restaurants are here (Burma Superstar, Pizzetta 211.) Almost 2 great produce stores to every block. Lot's of green areas are nearby, Golden Gate Park, the Presidio. It's gotten somewhat bourgie over the years, rents have skyrocketed, but that's not much different than the rest of sf. It's not that central, but if you bike, you'd never notice.

I moved to the Mission because the Richmond was just too cold for me. While the Mission is 75 degrees, the Richmond can be 60. But now with global warming, it's probably not that bad.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | 4 Things We Like at Park Life
1/23/09 04:45 PM