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Definitely allowed! My dog snuggles on the couch and sleeps on my bed (and in). I have a slipcovered couch and duvet covers so I can wash everything as frequently as needed. Even if I didn't let her up, I've found that there's enough grime from rubbing furniture as she walks past that washable covers are the way to go. Wouldn't have it any other way!

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4/20/09 03:51 PM

I think it's lovely! I'd like to see a little more color - perhaps dye the papers softly, or have a background wall color... Noticed that her uses tacks alone in some places to add detail and variety. Very creative.

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3/31/09 01:30 PM

I succumbed to my first beige WTW carpet this year in a new apartment I otherwise love - I know how you feel! I ended up painting some walls richer colors, which draw the eye up from the carpet, and placing a smooth, dhurrie style carpet on top in one room. That worked well as it lays flat, and the colors happened to blend. You can see some pics from an old AT contest here...


Good luck :)

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3/18/09 09:44 PM

My mom did this years ago in her tiny gallery kitchen and its great! It doesn't require more cleaning than any other surface, and definitely help open up the space, even with the darker color palette she has.

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3/6/09 05:58 PM

I'm not working at the mo, and found its definitely better to get an individual health plan that is much more affordable than COBRA. And ShamWOW! - the advice to 'wake up' is so true. Start sleeping in and you'll get depressed, lethargic and demotivated. With a tight budget, it's been fun to find new recipes featuring low cost ingredients, and have people over to dinner rather than go out. Cooking is a really nice way to spend some of that newfound free time!

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3/2/09 06:17 PM

There are several buildings near Lafayette Park and lower Nob Hill that allow dogs without charging much extra. If your friends are also considering the east bay, the marina bay complexes in Richmond are pet friendly, offer more space for the money, and sit right on the bay trail for walks to Point Isabel Dog Park and a local off leash beach... Good luck!

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2/25/09 10:57 PM

The woods are very nice, if heavy. I don't like the idea of adding much more color here. Rather, I'd let the woods and painting be the focus, keeping to neutrals, and add either a very pale or very dark, simple rug or Flor tiles under the table to break them up. If you add curtains, keep them light and airy, in cream or very pale grey. Enjoy all that sunshine!

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2/25/09 04:23 PM

I'd keep a crisp white throughout to offset all the pink without trying to be cutesy and matchy. If you do spend a little in good quality shower curtain (like a matelasse or something substantial), bathmat and towels, it'll upgrade the look more than you expect and you don't have to worry about them not working with the renovated style you eventually create.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Color to Work In this Pink Bathroom?
2/25/09 03:44 PM

What about a simple wraparound white canvas skirt (hanging straight down, no pleats or gathers)? Sort of a heater-cozy without a top (for the vents)? I wouldn't want to add anything that makes it bulkier, and white would help it blend into the background better... Tough problem, good luck!

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2/12/09 01:05 PM

That painted ceiling is brilliant. And I love the mix of formal with clean and breezy. I think that room is the size of my last apartment!

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2/4/09 12:56 PM

I love the mix of creamy cream and white in the coastguard cottage. So fresh and inviting!

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1/29/09 09:34 PM

The dog gets wiped down outside the front door, and then I have 2 mats - one outside and one inside for stomping/wiping off boots. Once inside, they go immediately under the console table in the entryway, on ceramic tiles to dry, while I change into slippers to wear around the house. I just need to sweep/vacuum that area regularly to keep up with the little sand/dirt that does make it inside. It's working pretty well!

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1/9/09 06:30 PM

Agree with above suggestions! Also, once you've organized clothes by type/color, seems you might have some space beneath shirts to place shoe racks or low shelves, keeping loose shoes tidy. I'd move the white boxes in the bookcase to your top shelf or on the dresser, and find some kind of simple box or basket - all the same - to place in, and fill, each nook in that unit. You'll get additional storage and it will give you a clean look. You've got great space to work with - good luck!

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1/6/09 12:04 PM

These are the best tips for holidays with family - thank you! I've kicked myself many times in the past, realizing too late that I wished I had asked more questions, or been more open sharing... Some of us have such limited time visiting with family, it's a great to be mindful right up front of how to make the most of those moments.

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12/15/08 08:40 PM

Wow!! I am so delighted to hear the positive responses – thank you! I was really nervous about entering, so you have made my month. To answer a few questions that you’ve raised:

- How to make the bulletin board. I wrapped batting and fabric around a 2x4 piece of plywood, stapled it all down in back, and screwed on a wire in back for hanging. Easiest DIY ever.
- The dog is indeed ½ basenji – nice catch. But she’s jumbo sized, as her other half is pit bull. And yes, I absolutely decorate to complement her lovely coloring and anticipate her muddy paws!
- The bedroom paint is Benjamin Moore’s Aura, in Blue Echo.
- The armless chairs and couch are from Room & Board’s Jasper collection.
- The duvet cover is Dwell’s Chinoiserie pattern. Thanks to DesignPublic.com for the fabulous outlet pricing on that find.
- And Etsy it is. Another good observation! Several pieces in my office, living and dining rooms came from different etsy artists over the past couple years.

Thanks again all!

- yojmac

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10/8/08 04:16 PM