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I have picture molding in my current apt, and it's SOOO convenient and functional. I collect prints and art work, and it's so easy to move things around whenever I get something new. Yes, finding the right lenght of wire can be tricky, but a lot less tricky than using nails.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: Picture Rails, a Good Idea?
9/26/08 10:54 AM

Is that an R2D2 unit in the corner?

It's like being in an Edward Gorey illustration :-D

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The $10 Room Makeover...Thanks to Sharpie
9/24/08 06:09 PM

Oooo, would be fun to run an rpg in this kind of space, if one could put down a flat board in the middle for a table ;-)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Conversation Pits Melbourne
9/19/08 10:44 AM