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Bettas --survive-- in small pockets of water when the water in their otherwise very large aquatic environment dries up periodically.

What those ignoramuses above who are bleating about small puddles clearly don't know is that many bettas die in those little pockets. The survivors manage to live by jumping from small pool to small pool as the water quickly fouls.

Bettas bred for many generation in aquariums are also nowhere near as hardy as the wild fish - I keep both, and know this for a fact.

So bettas do NOT prefer tiny, dinky deathtrap tanks. They really do not, no fish does. Most will end up sick and/or dead in short order because of it. Do your research, rather than bleating misinformation you've read on the net or heard from some equally ignorant muppet at the pet store.

2 gallons is not ideal - but is sufficient room for a betta. I'm glad to hear the water changes are regular!

A Fishtank That Doesn't Look Like The Dentist's Office
8/28/12 01:12 AM