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Not only just buy local but by made in the USA. I went online and googled made in the usa. There are websites that organize it for you. There are lots of things that I am thinking about changing to when I need to buy them. keeping jobs in the usa is good for everyone's economy.

I take the bus.
Our car gets 40mpg.
we keep the heat down.
I like the candle idea.
trying to cancel our land line but then I need a cell phone that works over wireless internet. There are no cell towers where I live. I am only 30 minutes from Boulder, Colorado. Landscape what I gonna do! So for now, I have a land line and a cell.
compare prices at stores.
eat less. drink less.
don't have cable. would find it difficult to give up internet.
Discipline myself to do yoga at my house instead of a class.
Sell and give away stuff that is just crowding my life.
Will try using the library more for movies and books.
said to say goodbye to clothes. Although, I realized that I *actually* need another coat now that the Colorado winter is upon us.

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10/21/08 10:34 AM

I have epilepsy and incandescent bulbs flicker less than CFLs. Lots of people can't see it, but ask a photo-epileptic and they probably can see it. So, there is a practical reason for the incandescent camp. If they stop making incandescents, then all of us can rally around the cause of epileptics. Bonus: the color of the incandescent light is so much nicer.

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10/9/08 01:27 PM

does anyone know if there is still a place to buy the Tribo Stool? DWR stopped selling it.

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