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i've been using stainless straws for a couple of years now and i love them. usually on amazon they come four at a time along with a brush included.

5 Reusable Plastic-Free Straws Product Roundup
7/25/14 09:06 AM

fabulous. i have a 7x7 kitchen that actually is better organized than your before kitchen (small blessings). those little wire shelf dividers are a godsend to organize a tiny cabinet.

Before & After: Jennifer's Tiny But Loft-Like Kitchen The Big Reveal
7/23/14 09:26 PM

i love that so much of the furniture and art is handed down from parents and grandparents.

Jim & Laura's Light-Filled Providence Colonial House Tour
7/20/14 12:37 PM

i quit years ago buying fitted sheets. a hassle to fold neatly in the closet, the elastic stretches out of place. l learned to make beds from a professional hotel maid, flat sheets folded hospital corner style. if i'm feeling virtuous i use the swril pens to hold them in place.

Don't Fall for It: 5 Things You Really DON'T Need At Home
7/11/14 12:55 PM

my apartment is small and i can only fit one sofa. it's got to be at least long enough for me to stretch out on and i'm 5 foot 2. to double as a makeshift bed for me, a kid or a short drunken friend. a settee doesn't cut it.

10 Stylish Sofas for Small Spaces
7/7/14 10:38 PM

that bedroom is perfect.

Crystal's Dramatic Home in San Francisco House Tour
7/6/14 11:10 AM

Ikea had that color a couple of years ago for those boxes. i was looking for it when i was there last month, i guess a discontinued (my favorite) color.

Laurence & Fabrice's Friendly Eclectic Mix House Tour
6/19/14 09:23 AM

these plates cover the whole outlet and you can paint it black, not having to change out the white outlet.

Before & After: A Small Beige Kitchen Gets an $80 Shake-up!
6/15/14 03:04 PM

Liz, I'm in Arlington and I've seen your home driving around town wondering why the bovine, so it's great to solve that mystery. you have a beautiful home and I'm jealous of you having such a great "single girl" place in DC. my favorite piece is the bar cabinet and all the pillows and the Jackie O. if I ever scrape up some money for a bigger place perhaps I can contact you as an agent.

Liz's Exuberant Row House House Tour
6/11/14 06:56 PM

they're like that singing fish plaque, funny for about ten minutes and then, why did I buy this.

Art to Make You Laugh: Primo Primates
6/10/14 04:30 PM

hey, thanks for this birthday present idea for a wine-loving sister.

White Marble Wine Cooler
6/7/14 11:15 AM

there were six kids in my family, two boys, four girls, three bedroom house. by the time I was 15 I would have loved my own room. tight quarters and no privacy but we managed. but we do have lots of stories for our kids now
(who have always had their own rooms).

i find it interesting that the Brady Bunch kids shared their bedrooms, even though they were an apparently affluent upper middle class family. my mom drooled over the jack and jill bathroom.

A Genius Parenting Move for Small Space Living Comment of the Day
6/4/14 08:06 PM

if you don't want to use it, just put your dishtowels or plates or something in there. it appears as though your landlord has provided relatively new appliances and a decent sized kitchen. don't mess up his stuff.

How Do I Hide a Built-In Microwave? Good Questions
6/4/14 10:09 AM

Moen makes a line of lavatory faucets called "quick connect" that you can install in just a few minutes.

Options for Tiny Sink/Enormous Faucet Combo? Good Questions
5/30/14 09:56 AM

didn't see that one coming. i like how it's vaguely nautical but not

Before & After: An End Table Gets a Royal Transformation
5/29/14 10:23 AM

okay, I just picked up these catalogs from a freecycler. when I set them on the passenger seat the airbag and seatbelt light came on.

Why The Huge Catalog?
And How Restoration Hardware is Becoming The Ikea of Luxury Furnishings

5/26/14 08:15 PM

it's not furniture, but I bought my Fluidity bar for 30 bucks on craigslist, when they usually go for 200+. two mint condition metal typewriter tables for free on Freecycle. around here folks try to sell them for $100.

Tell Us: What's Your Best Bargain Find?
5/26/14 11:43 AM

you're a better woman than me because i would have kicked that thing to the curb. kudos for having a vision.

Before & After: A Dilapidated Dresser Cleans Up Its Act
3/18/14 10:35 AM

what, you don't want a picture of President Obama playing billiards with Biggie and Tupac in your dining room???

HGTV Star Danielle Colding Layers Generations of Influence House Tour
3/16/14 05:37 PM

are your counters laminate because that's what it looks like? i would at the very least change the backsplash and get a brighter counter and island top, a fun bright laminate. i would embrace the pine for the time being.

Ideas for Our VERY Woodsy Kitchen? Good Questions
3/13/14 06:52 PM