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Honestly, not sure if any of the xbox's multimedia features are worth the $5 - $10 a month you have to pay for gold membership for the opportunity to use hulu, netflix, etc.

I am not sure you how leave out this requirement from your review.

Xbox cost to use netflix = Netflix cost + $6/mo for Gold
PS3 cost to use netflix = Netflix cost + free

Next Generation Gaming: Should I Get the Xbox One or a PS4?
11/13/13 03:45 PM

Are those sliding or bi-fold closet doors in the bedroom?

Faith & Mike's Master Bathroom: Real-Life Lessons from a Real-Life Renovation Renovation Diary
8/22/13 02:18 PM

Until Microsoft removes the requirement to have a Gold membership to use services such as Netflix you will always be paying a premium to use it as a home media hub.

Until this requirement is removed we won't be buying an Xbox, and instead will continue using our PS3 (or maybe PS4) for a universal home media hub.

Connected Life: XBox One as All-in-One Entertainment & Communication Home Hub
5/22/13 12:26 PM

I think these are perfect, and aren't super pricey:|1&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_qty_sales_dollar%7C1&facetInfo=

Get A Bird on It: 10 Bird Feeders & Houses
5/9/13 11:24 AM

We did this, and were glad of it. One problem we ran into was where the tub was chipped underneath the door. We also found out that one wall was rotted when it pulled off an entire tile section.

How To Replace Shower Doors with a Shower Curtain Apartment Therapy Tutorials
3/13/13 11:44 AM

Link to full shop:

(I have no relation to this shop, other than having ordered a kindle sleeve previously)

Buy or DIY: Laptop Sleeves
2/4/13 10:55 AM

A recommendation would be to visit Bertie's Closet on Etsy:

$40.00 will get you a very cute/nice looking Macbook sleeve:

Buy or DIY: Laptop Sleeves
2/4/13 10:54 AM

1900 sq. foot home, 0 linen did we not notice this when purchasing?

Beautifully Organized: Linen Closets
1/31/13 11:16 AM

Do you have a blog with pictures of the entry way afterwards?

Before & After: From Ceiling Space to Playing Space
1/28/13 02:18 PM

Great Job! We have almost the same layout in our home, but with a 3 story lofted entry. I would have never thought this could work, but it looks great.

We have been wondering how in the world we could have a playroom...

Before & After: From Ceiling Space to Playing Space
1/28/13 10:18 AM

I may be crazy, but I haven't found a light I like nearly as much as the GE Reveal bulb. So far we've been saving the environment through dimmer switches instead.

I'd add hallways to that list. We have this one, albeit short, hallway that has exactly 0 lighting.

4 Practical Places in Every Home That Need Great Lighting
1/18/13 10:31 AM

Side question, any idea where to find that lamp?

Insta-Hack: From Patchwork Dresser Hack to DIY Project in a Kit
1/18/13 10:24 AM

We re-carpeted our stairs due to a nervous pregnant wife. We went with a very low pile berber carpet. It definitely offers a better grip than our non carpeted stairs.

Slipping, Sliding & Safety:
Carpeted vs. Wooden Stairs

8/10/12 12:51 PM

I would love to somehow live that minimalistically. A very pretty place.

David & Susie's Harlem Renaissance
4/13/12 05:13 PM

Personally I would be fine with it. We have a 3 story home (its a very odd skinny layout) with the attic located on the 3rd story above our office and kids room. I fear the water heater breaking. Would much rather if there was an issue, it occur in our yard.

I'd def consider a tankless for this reason alone when we replace ours.

Would You Consider an Outside Hot Water Heater?
4/12/12 10:37 AM

That table is wonderful.

Before & After: An Artist's Home Studio
4/2/12 01:44 PM

Houses like this make me long for a smaller neat and tidy abode. Well done!

Alexa's Paris in Park Slope Small Cool Contest
4/2/12 12:25 PM

From a former Denton resident, Great Job!

Axel's Clean & Cozy NurseryNursery Tour
3/22/12 03:30 PM

$150,000 ish for home purchase and renovation = wow.

Before & After: An Amazing Victorian Remodel
This Old House

3/22/12 12:32 PM

We have a Poang chair that is fine now (13 mo). For that first month or so I think we would have given our left arms for a glider in our bedroom. IMO I'd find a cheap one on craiglist that you can use while you are still in the rocking stages. Then find a nice rocker or smaller chair for bedtime stories later on.

Is a Glider or Rocker a Nursery Necessity? Nesting a Nursery
3/20/12 11:00 PM