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We actually have three of these books. Though, I agree the writing leaves something to be desired, we actually bought them as souvenirs. We have a tradition of purchasing books for our daughter of places she has been and these books are great for highlighting all the tourist stops she visited. She loves reading them and pointing our the things she has seen.

Good Night Our World Books
8/24/10 11:56 AM

Chicago is a great place! We took our three year old there a few months back and we had an amazing time. The tour of Wrigley Field was great and the fountains were a huge hit. I would definitely recommend this for kids

Elijah Enjoys Chicago
Adventures and Outings 2010

8/1/10 08:01 PM

Yes! And I love them. I made 3 small chalkboards in the pink, green and white for my daughter in old picture frames. They look great and add colour to the playroom. I would recommend them.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: Have You Used Colored Chalkboard Paint?
5/26/09 03:32 PM


Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Wooden Hangers for Baby Clothes?
2/23/09 03:00 PM

Check out they have coloured chalkboard paint that you can get in various size. I have used the pink, pear and white and they all work great!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Light Chalkboard Paint On Walls? Los Angeles
2/6/09 01:56 PM

I have used this in my spare bedroom, got the mantle at a yard sale, stripped it down and repainted it. My beds a bit higher so with some nice big pillows, it looks great.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look!: DIY Mantelpiece Headboard
1/7/09 02:34 PM

Check out all of the other great colours here:

Apartment Therapy New York | Look! Green Chalkboard Paint at Local
11/18/08 01:56 PM

It looks a little like a lego house.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look!: Bright And Bold In Westport
10/3/08 10:02 AM

I just came back from Reyjkavik and saw the horse lamp in a restaurant window. It was daunting to say the least.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Hot or Not? "Animal Thing" Furniture by Front
9/18/08 11:52 AM