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The flip side of #2 is to keep stuff where you use it when that's feasible. If you always use your laptop in the living room, why not find a spot to charge it there, & a place to stash your lap desk & etc? Storage ottomans are good for that sort of thing. Coats & shoes by the door you actually use. I keep my dog-training bait-bag in the fridge with the dog treats. Stain stick & Magic Brush in the closet with my clean clothes & hampers. Meds I take daily in a pill organizer in a drawer by the kitchen sink. All those things & many more would be had-to-clean-around clutter if they were not so easy to put away.

7 Ways You’re Making House Cleaning Harder Than It Has To Be
7/27/14 06:33 PM

I'm trying to get up the nerve to Ardex Feather Finish my laminate countertops after reading Young House Love's experience. One more vote helps.

Renovation Awards: Tess's Favorite (& Not-So-Favorite) Products
7/23/14 09:16 PM

As long as there are no actual safety hazards lying around, who cares? And if your life circumstances are such that you need the slightly artificial concept of playdates to make your real friends & find your support group, then do it. Not many of us live in traditional village society complete with extended family any more--that's no reason to live in isolation.

To Playdate or Not To Playdate When Your House is a Mess?
6/30/14 09:05 PM

I leave my doors open in hot weather--Midwest, no A/C--for increased air flow thru my small house. I do have enclosed front & back porches with locked screen doors, a fenced back yard, windows too small to climb thru, &, most important, 2 big black dogs.

Would You Sleep With The Doors Open?
6/27/14 10:16 AM

I leave my doors open in hot weather--Midwest, no A/C--for increased air flow thru my small house. I do have enclosed front & back porches with locked screen doors, a fenced back yard, windows too small to climb thru, &, most important, 2 big black dogs.

Would You Sleep With The Doors Open?
6/27/14 10:16 AM

I'm finally learning to swallow my tea before I read these.
Keep them coming.

10 Tell-Tale Signs that Your Home Style Is: Organic Modern
6/26/14 11:21 PM

I'm an introvert with all caps, & live in an open-concept home--but I'm the only human who lives here. It would be very different if I had to share with the non-four-footed. As it is I can enjoy the feeling of space, & still have the peace & quiet I need. I do like my small, cave-like bedroom, tho.

Design Tips for Introverts & Extroverts (and How to Tell Which One You Are)
6/19/14 11:18 PM

Only 2 things that I learned from my parents that I still accept as true (neither is a household rule):
Always wear your seatbelt.
Never cross a picket line.
Everything else has been reviewed & rejected.

6 Dumb Household Rules You Hated Growing Up, but Now Totally Understand
6/16/14 07:02 PM

Ah, stuff on the countertop. I just relocated a whole bunch of things a few days ago--stuff I use every day that had been sitting out because it was convenient, like coffee & tea making paraphernalia, the compost container, etc.--because the dust bowl season (not to mention floating pet hair season) is in full force, & I was tired of moving everything every day to wipe it down. My reason was purely pragmatic, but the result was unexpected--it DOES look much calmer, & there was a significant increase in workspace.

6 Common Design Mistakes You Can Fix Today
6/8/14 04:15 PM

A great post. My best is getting better, but there are times when I do all these things. And live to tell about it.
I apologized to my church group last week for serving them California strawberries--I live in the Midwest, & the local ones aren't ripe yet because of the late spring. Don't think I needed to apologize--they were good, & local options ARE thin on the ground this time of year.

You're Doing It Right: Grocery Shopping You're Doing It Right
5/31/14 08:58 AM

#s 1 & 2 are the primary principles for clicker training dogs ( & other animals). You need a picture of your end goal in your head, & then you keep splitting that goal into tinier & tinier bits, marking & rewarding each one as it's accomplished, & finally stringing them all together in a chain. And they don't have to be done in order, either!
It really does work. And feel free to reward yourself with a "Yes!" and an M&M for each step along the way.

7 Secrets to Getting Anything Done Around the House
5/25/14 06:10 PM

I'll be very interested to see how you deal with the digging. My dogs seem determined to reach China, despite my warnings about what can happen to dogs there. I have seriously considered a digging pit for them, but don't know how to keep feral cats from using it as a giant litterbox.

Introducing Laura's Garden Renovation Renovation Diary
5/13/14 09:28 PM

Guess it depends on what's in your trash. Since I don't eat meat & compost all other food scraps, mine easily goes a week without smelling bad--a good thing, since anything that goes outside is subject to rearrangement by raccoons & feral cats.
Mine pretty much consists of floor sweepings, non-recyclable food packaging & the rare paper towel. Bathroom trash includes cat poop, but if it's bagged--reused newspaper bags gathered from the neighbors--it doesn't smell either.
If composting were not an option, or if I were dealing with meat scraps, different story.

5 Chores You Should Never Skip (Even If You're Busy)
5/11/14 08:24 PM

I think the point here is what to do if you've followed the trend, & then find you DON'T like it. If you do--enjoy.

Home Too Bold? 6 Warning Signs You Need to Cut Back and Calm Down
5/11/14 06:14 PM

Has to be the top 6, because scooping the litterbox & back yard come first. Agree with all the others, except that with all hard floors I broom-sweep & Swiffer daily (LOTS of hair & muddy paw prints around here), & only vacuum 1-2 x per week.
Agree that forming habits is crucial, so is arranging your place so that performing those habitual actions is easy--lots & lots of good ideas out there. Keep all the stuff you need together--I got way better about the litterbox when I put the scoop, poop bags, bigger bags for emptying box, supply of fresh litter, & broom for sweeping up the floor (my cats are miners, too) all together in the bathroom with the box--& it's a small BR. 15 seconds to scoop, 3 1/2 minutes (yes, I timed it) to empty & refill.
Made a whole lot more sense than keeping the litter & bags on the front porch & the broom on the back porch. Almost any process can be streamlined & simplified if you just think it thru.
Hate making your bed? Have you considered a comforter in a case that replaces top sheet, blanket, & spread? Shake & drop back on bed. Time elapsed--10 secs. About 2 annoying minutes once a week to wrestle the eiderdown into a clean case, but everything has a price. I've been doing it this way since I was 16--the bed's always made & it really is dead easy.

5 Chores You Should Never Skip (Even If You're Busy)
5/11/14 06:00 PM

Where will I keep it? If I can't answer that it doesn't come home with me, & shoving it in the basement does not qualify.
To be sure, sometimes serendipity does happen. A few weeks ago I had gone to my favorite thrift store looking for something else & found an 8" wide maid's cart that was perfect for my tiny bathroom, replacing a bulky hamper & providing additional storage. Score.

Frugal Living: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Anything New For Home
5/10/14 09:28 PM

Trash under the sink, to keep the dogs out. Compost in airtight container on counter. Recycling on mudporch.

Where Do You Hide the Trash Can In Your Kitchen? Good Questions
5/8/14 06:16 PM

Is there such a thing as a really dog-proof rug? I have resisted buying a nice rug because I raise service-dog puppies, & there's a learning curve with each one, so it's not just a matter of training my own dogs not to use it for a chewy. Also the issue of blood spots from bitches in season (they're not spayed till they return to the school), not to mention cat barf. Maybe I should submit to Good Questions;)

Best Bargain Buys: 10 Stylish Rugs for Under $500
5/8/14 04:04 PM

I got the square white Threshold dishes from Target a year ago--decided that, at 57, I was finally old enough for dishes that matched--really like them; not a chip, & I am not gentle with dishes. I did splurge more for glasses. Bought Duralex on-line ( actually found out that was possible from an AT thread), & very happy with them also. I remembered them from living in Europe 30 years ago, & the quality is still great.

Style on a Budget: 10 Sources for Good, Cheap Dishes & Glassware
5/8/14 03:53 PM

White appliances all the way! Just be glad they match. I have an almond stove--seriously ugly, & I just had to replace the igniter--a black microwave, which shows every speck of dust & cat hair, & a white fridge, which is by far the easiest to maintain. Would never consider stainless--just thinking of polishing off the canine nose art makes me tired.
Enjoy your new apartment, & cooking on your new stove. It's all good.

Should I Have Gone With the Stainless Range? Good Questions
5/8/14 03:42 PM