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When my mother sat down for my her first parent teacher conference with my Kindergarten teacher many years ago, the teacher said to her: "So I see here your daughter's birthday is in October -- so that makes her five." My mother smiled and corrected her, "No, she's actually four." My teacher, gentle to my mother's apparent miscalculation responded "No, she's five, dear." This went back and forth until my mother, now a little taken aback, explained that she had indeed given birth to me, and I was four, not five. That being said, I was always one of the youngest in my class and excelled, always earning top grades and placing in the top percentiles for testing. In all honesty, the only disadvantages I ever found for being young for my grade came later in school -- getting my license later, turning 21 last in college, but never do I recall ever feeling my young age put me at disadvantage in terms of my intelligence or ability to adapt to a new setting or socialize with others. Obviously this varies from child to child -- my parents knew I was emotionally and intellectually ready for school, and I think it's a choice that every parent has to base on their child's development.

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