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I just bought a roll of this from Land of Nod to do 1 wall in a toddler bedroom.

Graham & Brown's Frames Wallpaper
9/22/10 01:37 PM

I'm sorry but if your child is 7 and still wearing diapers something isn't right.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | More Kids Starting School in Diapers
8/19/09 01:19 PM

When I moved to DC I decided to sell my car within 8 months. Residential permits, tickets, parking, ugh. Being from L.A, becoming carless was a huge deal. My family thought I was crazy. But, it was one of the smartest things I have done, financially, healthwise, and just logistically.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Keeping a Car in the City: A Help or Hassle?
7/28/09 10:27 AM

i really like that green room! I have been trying to pick a color for my dining room forever and i want to swatch the Caroline Pines color that's listed as the paint. But Dutch Boy doesn't seem to make any color with that name that i can find.

Apartment Therapy DC | House Tour: Alex's Granny Chic Washington, DC
7/23/09 01:06 PM

The fabric on those pillows is awesome. But not available on their site!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Slipcovered Headboards for Kids
7/21/09 01:28 PM

I am actually wishing that my dishwasher dies soon. It is the loudest thing on earth, does NOT clean dishes well, and I totally hate it. But know I shouldn't buy a new one while it still works. C'mon break. Instead, my garbage disposal bit the dust.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | AT on ... Living with What You've Got
6/18/09 10:34 AM

I have a SavvyRest, made in Virginia and I absolutely love it. Totally pricey, but I have only had 2 beds in my life and intend on having this one for a long time.

Apartment Therapy DC | Tips for Buying a Green Mattress
1/12/09 02:52 PM

threebeans, could you elaborate on what you used to rough up the tiles. I have the exact same color/style of tile in my kitchen and want to paint them. Will have to wait for spring to paint and polyurethane, but not sure what to use as far as sanding goes. Thanks.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Warming Up a Cold Kitchen Floor?
1/12/09 02:48 PM

The book looks really pretty, but isn't it counterproductive to buy a book when you are trying to live with less and declutter? Maybe the library has a copy.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Secrets of Simplicity
12/19/08 01:29 PM

I don't know who the rug is supposed to reach, but that looks like a rug i just got for my bedroom at Ikea. I think its called Vitten.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Before and After: Ana's Lights
11/19/08 09:47 AM

Reminds me of Knoxville Grey by Benjamin Moore.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Identify This Color from CB2?
11/12/08 08:58 AM

We just painted our bedroom with Yolo's Water 02, and it looks awesome. 2 coats, and my only complaint is that is splatters everywhere, but that could be my (lack of) paint skills.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Questions: Low-VOC Paint?
11/7/08 10:43 AM

I wish there was a Mark in DC.

Apartment Therapy New York | Mark Chamberlain: Fine Painter
11/7/08 06:36 AM

Thank you all for the suggestions, I usually subscribe to the "if you love it, get it," part, and the link to the photo with the headboard that was much wider than the bed was helpful.

Speaking of coffee reccomendations, Batdorf and Bronson is another good option if you'd liek a large quanity shipped to you. Based in Olympia, WA. delicious.

Apartment Therapy DC | Open Thread 5 Washington DC
10/20/08 08:34 AM

Has anyone used a King size headboard with a queen size bed and not had it look too weird? I am in love with a headboard that is on sale, and they only have king left. I must have this headboard. It is iron/aluminum, and I dont want to cut it.

Apartment Therapy DC | Open Thread 5 Washington DC
10/17/08 08:19 AM

Anyone in DC have tips on keeping the rats out?

Apartment Therapy DC | Do Tin Strips Really Keep Deer Out of the Garden?
9/25/08 07:13 AM

I don't usually shop at Ikea, but I need a mattress, and do not want to buy one with all the PBDE's in it. Having looked online at how expensive organic/toxic free mattresses are, and hearing about Ikea's latex mattress, I am going to head over to the store and check it out. $1,700 vs. $800 is too affordable of an option to overlook. On this note, does anyone have a matress from ikea, and how has it held up?

Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: Does Eco Guilt Stop You From Shopping at Ikea?
9/24/08 11:04 AM

Rent in DC is ridiculous and until the past year when RE prices started coming down, group houses were pretty much the only option for many folks, not just college students. I know folks who work mulitple jobs, service industry folks, nonprofit folks, govt. folks, embassy folks, etc. And they all have an economic need to live in a group house. The people I know who own homes actually rent out rooms and they become group houses to help pay the mortgage. So yes to the question.

Apartment Therapy DC | Survey: Would You Live in a Group House?
9/22/08 12:12 PM

This is great. I kept wishing there was a DC site! I just bought a house, and have been getting some cool ideas from AT.

Apartment Therapy DC | Open Thread #1! Washington DC
9/18/08 10:58 AM