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What a great idea! Suddenly everyone's making boxes (I saw a great post yesterday on how to make small lidded boxes from the two halves of a Christmas card--how cool is that?). Fabric-covered boxes sold by Pottery Barn, West Elm, etc., are so overpriced. Your book cloth solution is elegant. Thanks!

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1/8/09 01:16 PM

Wow, reading these posts reminds me of the bitchy coworker at lunch today: "I hate the whole month of December!"

Except I used to feel that way too. Now I know that it's not all about me and my resentments and the shit-colored lenses through which I see the world. Look for what is good about people, about tradition, about what life offers. If you focus on the negative that's what you'll see all around you.

Is Christmas tree-farming more eco-friendly than making a metal sculpture-cum-"tree form"? I have to say the smell of pine in the house is lovely...

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11/20/08 07:19 PM

While vacationing in Portland, Maine, this September I happened on Black Parrot, an architecturally beguiling downtown shop that carries Mud ceramics (among other things). I bought a featherweight handle-less pouring piece in pink (you can see the same form in the top photo on this page, in front of the large vase). What is striking about Mud work is its fluid shapes and lovely matte glazes. I had a hard time choosing just one. -Suzanne

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Porcelain Pieces from mud australia
11/20/08 05:44 PM

WHERE do I find a really flat rug like that for under my dining room table? Everything I see is always so THICK.

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9/18/08 06:31 AM

Funny, I too have a mini table that might fit into my teensy bathroom. However, it has some strong Deco lines and I'm afraid to paint what might be a genuine "piece". Where can I get an honest assessment? The local antique dealers in my town are so not helpful.

Also interested in painting an ornately carved-and-gilded plaster mirror frame to a high-gloss white. Why did you use oil-base primer for this table when water's so much less toxic? Should I use same for mirror frame? For table?

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9/17/08 10:47 AM