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Thanks for all of the great suggestions! On questions related to size:

Entryway: (Starting with north wall) 7'6", 9'5", 9'5"

Living area: (Starting with north wall) 13'2", 1'10", (now down to south extension) 2'5", ~10', 2'

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Good Questions

8/29/11 04:13 PM

Wow...anyone know what that desk is in the last shot? Love it!

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2/26/09 04:45 PM

Do want. this is shoveland and these are "da bomb"

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9/26/08 06:14 AM

I just somehow fried my hard drive on my Mac. I wish I would have had this to back up...maybe I can make a habit of it...soooooon? With this thingggg?

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9/16/08 01:38 PM