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oh wow! what an easy fix! i wouldn't have thought of this (i've been wishing for pocket doors).

my bifold doors overlap my washer & dryer and i'm constantly pushing them out of the way (which doesn't work and last time i forced one off track in frustration).

i'm going to have to try this out. it also seems easy enough to undo if you need to. thanks for sharing :)

Converting a Bi-Fold Door Closet Hack | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/21/10 05:44 PM

yeah, im about to become a lantana killer because it is completely taking over my patio! you can't even tell planters exist underneath them at this point and its only been 5 weeks. i think it's going to kill my other plants :( (which i'm already fighting to save becuase it's been 90/ degrees in VA lately.) so, the lantana does great in swealtering heat.

5 Hardy, Nearly Unkillable Plants | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/30/10 12:59 PM

awesome! i would spend so much time out there!

Jenna's Patio Oasis Before & After My Great Outdoors | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/23/10 11:20 AM

i had a hard time picking a green for accent walls in my place. i just bought 3 different sample jars of paint from home depot & lowes at about $2-$3 a piece. i painted samples on a couple of different walls and looked at them at different times of day (lighting). it really helped me find the perfect shade. i'll never not buy a sample first from now on (time willing)!

Help! Wrong Green. What is the Right One? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/23/10 03:46 PM

i think this is a cool idea & looks great! i like it even more considering it kept the chairs out of a landfill. they were pretty awful. maybe (hopefully) they were painted with rust inhibiting paint?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Before & After: Maria's Garden BenchStudio 'g'
9/30/09 10:25 AM

ugh! scrolling upon that doll/tp cozy picture just made me queezy! :(

i definitely hated those things! and anything involving crochet/doillies really.

Apartment Therapy New York | Least-Liked Craft?
9/29/09 08:59 AM

the coffee table is ikea, although it doesnt seem to be online anymore. there is also a rectangular version, or maybe thats a tv stand, and end tables. they look nice in person & i wanted them, but they just didnt work with my other things. i still saw them in store a month ago (dc area at least). hope this helps :)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Budget Decorating Ideas from a Barcelona Apartment
9/25/09 11:56 PM

give me a break. everything about that room sucks.

Apartment Therapy New York | Bold Chair by Big Game for Moustache
9/23/09 09:27 AM

i think done the right way, no rug is fine. i have two puppies & therefore, no rugs anymore. i dont think one would work in my current place anyway. at times i miss the look, but i don't miss that they always felt like they were a catchall for dust & dirt. and its one less thing i will spend time & money on right? nothing wrong with that.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Living Rooms without Rugs
9/9/09 12:15 PM

i haven't tried the pallister sofas, but i found that ikea sofa very comfortable in store. wish i could have afforded it at the time. and actually, it looks better in person than the picture above. you should also check the as-is section at ikea if you can make it to a store! i found a piece of that sofa there.

i like the octave better of the two pallisters, but not a fan of its base. i'd rather save the extra money and try to find a C&B Petrie sofa on sale or on craigslist.

good luck!

Apartment Therapy New York | Leather Sofa Advice & Survey? Good Questions
9/8/09 12:35 PM

i dont care for the 2nd or 3rd design, but with the light coming into those bedrooms, it totally works. i love the kitchen in the first photo. i think it all depends on the space as a whole. when used in a poorly lit room, i dont like it as much.

i dont agree with the pretension comment though. whats pretensious about concrete exactly? typically its used to have the opposite (raw/natural/organic) feel in a room. oh and, my friends & i that like this design element actually pay our own rents/mortgages via one or two jobs. thanks!

Apartment Therapy New York | Concrete Walls: Cold or Inviting?
9/3/09 06:02 PM

seeing minimally designed spaces on AT & HGTV remind of the style i love most, which is not how im living. i am finally having my first yard sale this weekend! i literally feel stressed or sick when i am not organized & things are hanging around my apartment and i refuse to by storage for stuff i dont really need. considering buying stuff for my stuff is when i draw the line & make myself organize & purge!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Motivation For Organizing
9/3/09 04:09 PM

i hope they mean $60 (sixty dollars and no cents)! it's cool, but i can't think of a single peice of home decor that i could justify spending $6,000 on.

Apartment Therapy New York | Constellation Chandelier by Kenzan Tsutakawa-Chinn Design Showcase 2009
9/2/09 04:52 PM

i also suggest against a sleeper sofa. i would keep your sofa & spend the $ on a bed. i have 2 different types (lillberg & lycksele) of ikea sleeper sofas and had an actual, not cheap, queen sleeper sofa before. the ikea ones have never been comfortable for more than 2 nights at a time. the nice one's mattress lasted a year or so with nightly use and was awful to move around. most of the time i would be too tired to even use them as beds and slept on them as couches. as people have mentioned on AT before, i should have put all that money towards a nicer sofa that i'll have a long time. i also love having my bed that is just used for rest.

could you use the "solarium" as a smaller office? some nice window treatments to keep it cool enough? i feel much more productive when my office area is by windows. i miss having a sunroom for that!

Apartment Therapy DC | Setting Up a First-time Solo Studio? Good Questions
9/1/09 12:40 PM

i think this looks great and like that you kept it simple versus worrying about details like those mentioned by bepsf. if the doors have just enough clearance not to catch on the carpet, then who cares? adding legs may make it taller than would be comfortable when sitting. and why would you want door handles sticking out to be bumped against when sitting there?

again, i think this looks great. the only way i would change it would be to add some small casters so that you could scoot it around if need be.

Apartment Therapy Boston | DIY: Using IKEA Cabinets for a Kitchen Storage Bench
8/25/09 04:31 PM

i hate to say it, but these rooms really are awful. i have friends who have had waaay less money to spend redesigning their kids' rooms & only had a day worth of babysitting to shop & do all the work themselves. you could use an entire target theme of items and it look better than any of these rooms. it might be completely unoriginal, but it would be better.

i've mentioned it before, but there are a lot of people on AT that have done much better jobs, on all sorts of budgets & time constraints. i wish there were a show for the "amateur" designers out there.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Design Star, Episode 6
8/25/09 08:49 AM

source for the curtains in the first photo??? love them!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Risulinna's Subtle Stripes#comments
8/25/09 08:36 AM

i keep one tea light holder, a coaster, & sometimes the remote on mine. but nothing else because puppies eat EVERYTHING. like the blue pen someone left on my coffee table one day. blue ink stains are still scattered around the apartment.

but the uncluttered feel of it is great as well.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: A Bare Coffee Table
8/24/09 01:35 PM

i currently have an attic apartment and my bed fits in a dormer/gable window area with only an inch to spare on each side of the bed. so i hung a shallow floating shell above the bed on one side & my bedside tables are now working out perfectly as a landing area in my main entry way.

only downside is that sometimes i forget the shelf is there when im climbing on the bed to change sheets. doesnt feel so good bumping into it :)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Breaking the Rules: Rooms That Go Without
8/24/09 09:27 AM

i have a black thumb but would actually try this. super cool! nice job!

seriously, we need to start pet therapy :) too many cute companions pop up in pics not to!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Annette's Modern DIY Outdoor Planter
8/21/09 08:27 AM