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I worked for a very brief time at a creative company. The boss was a woman about 35, dressed in designer duds. A bit of a nervous nelly, but OK, I can deal with that. But she was an absolute freak about everything being perfect. Even ripped the computer cable out of my hands when I was trying to rearrange it so I wouldn't trip over it as I entered my office. She was such a micro manager it was insane. "So, when you pick up the phone...ok, no, I need you to pick up the phone...and say "Hello". No, not like that. Hold the phone like this..." So, anyway, one day I get roped into taking her dog to her house. Umm, yeah. So I get to the little cottage apartment and see a pile of designer shoes 2 feet high piled in front of the door. But there was no pathway kicked through...she just walked on top of them in and out of her apartment. Inside, it looked like it had been turned upside down, shaken and dropped. Not one inch of space was uncluttered. Crap was piled everywhere. - floor, kitchen, bathroom - yeah, I looked so sue me. Of course, no water in the bowl for the dog. From seeing her apartment , working for her and performing a quick unprofessional psych evaluation based on years of entertainment experience, I realized she had more severe issues and quit shortly afterward.However, I am still tempted to break in and clean the place up.

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