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I've travelled to America many times, and have never noticed bad tap water. And we definitely have bad tap water in some cities here in Australia (hello Adelaide!).

I do occasionally buy bottled water (if I've forgotten to bring one from home when I'm out) but the thought of water being shipped on a truck - or worse - from overseas (Italian sparkling!!!!!!!) is some the worst rich-western-consumerism I can imagine. It's so lame.

Remember the 70's? We all drank tap water and it was fine.

Great post, btw.

The One Thing Your Holiday Houseguests Won't Tell You
11/12/13 02:27 PM

You might like my idea for bedside tables that is cheap, easy and you can do it in a weekend!

Small Bedroom Ideas: 5 DIY Wooden Shelves For Tiny Sleeping Spaces
10/2/13 05:39 PM

I adore the red and white cushion on the bed (with the photo bombing cat) any chance you could tell me where you got it?

Also appreciate the furniture stain tip on the bricks - genius!!!

House Tour: Sasha's Excelsior Escape
San Francisco

9/21/13 09:35 PM

I cannot stop laughing at the cauliflower reduced to pinhead size spread all over the carpet, thank you, Josra Kahn! But even more hilarious, the Tigger Masturbater, than you Tee Hee Hee, I will never look at Tigger bouncing the same way again.... truly hysterical, beautifully told.

I LOVE LIVING ALONE and even forget I live with my husband now, he is easy peasy to be around. Nothing worse than having a hard time in your house, and I feel bad for anyone suffering.

Run, Don't Walk: Worst Roommate Ever Stories
8/30/13 08:55 PM

SherryBinNH, I agree with SusaninToronto, those fabrics aren't adding value to your life hidden in storage. Some possible ideas to warm you up to using them (or losing them):

•Take photos of the fabrics. I've often done this with fabrics I LOVE but have no use for - I can still appreciate their beauty once they've gone to charity or a new home.
•Make large floor cushions rather than itty bit ones, or (lined) curtains, for the least possible cutting.
•Remember that vintage textiles often don't last long if laundering, so avoid making pillow cases or anything needing constant cleaning. I once used a vintage fabric to line a bag I used every day... the lined died really fast. It was just too old and in poor condition. Lesson learned. Was so pleased to have USED it though! No regrets.
•Finally, just because you have a lot of fabric doesn't mean you should use every inch. Sometimes a particular pattern looks best small: a lampshade, a small section framed, or a tote that stores other shopping bags. Be selective about the project and you'll find the fabric will shine.

Please enjoy them! Reinventing isn't damaging them, it's integrating them into your day to day life to be appreciated by all. You have to break eggs to make an omelette! Good luck.

Escape Style: Using Beautiful Fabrics from Around the World at Home
7/25/13 05:01 PM

Mess is fine. Neglect is not.

The Messy Myth: Is Being Organized Really Always Best?
6/6/13 05:52 PM

What does "count on the OFF" mean?

A DIY Goes Awry Story: Opening Up the Sealed Fireplace
5/29/12 05:09 PM

Thanks Bibliovore for mentioning how cold an air bed can be: please please please put a wooly mattress cover or blanket a top - I slept on an air bed in winter in a cold part of Australia, and despite the luxurious sheets and high end quilt and cover I FROZE all night. I tried to get that quilt under me as well, but it was a bloody freezing restless night.

TIP: Stay on the bed you offer guests. In a small space, it's not usually a permanent bed, and you might be surprised how shitty it is.

TIP: Use a lanyard for the house key. Very hard for your guest to lose track of it! A hook somewhere near the front door or a landing pad space is just as important for guests as it is you. Even a bowl on the coffee table helps keep your small space a bit more under control.

TIP: It's a real challenge to have spare bedding for your guest in a small place. We have whittled bedding and towels right down to 2 sets only. Made a big difference in the linen press and we have the best of the best, not the crappy old stuff.

TIP: In a small space, you need to be a bit more stringent with putting things away. Make sure your guest has somewhere to put their things - as it's a temporary situation, I normally clear some prime real estate for their bags, clothes, shoes (don't forget shoes!) and landing pad items.

I do love hosting friends, and wouldn't normally offer the master bedroom, but we did once for a senior family member who had a complete emotional meltdown in our bedroom. It's like the Kardashians. You can't unsee that stuff.

Real Life Advice: Hosting Guests Without a Guestroom
4/18/12 06:00 PM

I just wrote a whole bunch of ideas and lost the post :-( Oh well, here's a much short version. If you can't afford to renovate just now, here's a solution to give you 30% more storage for under $30.

What Is Your Best Kitchen Renovation & Planning Advice?
3/22/12 07:15 AM

Um, is the telly going back in there? Doesn't look like it will fit.

Lovely jobbie though! I'm a big fan of bespoke-on-a-budget.

PS Could you also post a shot of this when content is all back in? Cheers

Build-In Your Billys for an Inexpensive & Custom Look
Centsational Girl

11/5/11 05:23 PM

Oh yeah! that's a winner! Thanks!

DIY Tip: Painting Drawer Pulls & Handles with Ease
7/21/11 08:03 PM

I have the exact piece of art you are looking for: for under $50. I purchased a fluffy 1970's bedspread, stretched it over a wooden frame (homemade) and now have a stunning textural wall. This piece started my addiction to aqua!

Suggestions for Filling Blank Wall?
Good Questions

7/7/11 07:58 PM

agreed - drawers so high are mental. Totally impractical!

The plinth cabinet drives me wild. I love that look.

Get Inspired: Ideas from Beautifully Organized Homes
1/5/11 09:30 PM

Peachpie beat me to it too. i use a roll of baking paper that I can reuse over and over. Love it!

Problem Solver: Easy Painting Tip Chez Larsson | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/14/10 03:21 AM

Great result. So glad the yellow went: I'm allergic to yellow. Made me itchy just looking at it.

The $15 Kitchen Makeover | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/16/10 05:02 AM

Very exciting! I've been to the old office and am glad you've outgrown it now :-) Enjoy playing in your new space... I wish you every success.

The Big Move IKEA Stars | Apartment Therapy New York
1/21/10 04:02 PM

I love this concept! I did have to think long and hard about it, but I've come to the conclusion my style "Modern Nanna". (mid century cosy sentimental clean lines eclectic junk shop collections) Some serious juxtaposition but it works!

How To: Define Your Style in Words | Apartment Therapy DC
1/2/10 11:43 PM

I love how everyone in the US decorates the top of their dunny. Cute!

(Oh and I *hear you* about the cat fur. My place too!)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Kelly and Jonathan's Mission District CharmerHouse Tour
10/28/09 06:46 AM

Beddy Bee says "However, my understanding of the definition of "curating" within a decor context involves utilization of more unique pieces such as art, or furniture or textiles accumulated from family, travels, friends, etc."

Ouch! I totally disagree with this BB. For me, "curator", in a domestic setting, spells selecting objects that *matter* - no matter their origin or style. I think what you're actually commenting on is that you don't feel anything in this space has value (eg, there's little that's vintage or "global") rather, has been gathered from newer places and is therefore worthless.

I don't particularly like this look and feel, I prefer a bit of "vintage" (I just call it "old" though, tee hee hee) but I don't discount the space being curated just because it's not my style.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Francesco's Well-Curated Flat House Tour
8/18/09 08:11 PM

I adore the look and feel of this space. I oohed and aaaaahed. That shower curtain makes me wet!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | House Tour: Brenden's Shannon's Pint-Sized Pad2009 Small Cool Winner
7/31/09 07:55 AM