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i can't believe she paid almost $50K and only got two stove elements.

everything else about it is amazing, though. =)

Jennifer's Kitchen Renovation: What It Really Cost - A Budget Breakdown Renovation Diary
5/6/14 03:22 PM

i could have written @shessomelicious' comment myself (but for North Vancouver instead of Victoria). they're in the walls of my building so the whole building would need to be tented to have any effect.

at least my cats are great at catching them a la @becature's dog. "geddit rose! geddit!"

Silverfish: How To Get Rid of Them & Prevent an Infestation
5/2/14 01:13 PM

i tried the foil ball in the dryer and it did *nothing* in the way of anti-static/cat hair repellent.

The Best Time-Saving Laundry Gadgets You're Not Using
4/23/14 06:03 PM

it's strange... normally i'm all over open and spare, but there's something about this which just feels off. maybe it's the scale of the pieces or the colours? i'm really confused by my reaction to this tour.

Karen & Deborah's Cherrywood Renovation House Tour
4/7/14 06:50 PM

"3. Plan for intermittent expenses" i think this is the most important item on this list as it's usually the once-per-year bills which can surprise people and derail the best-intentioned plans to get their finances in order.

i took all my yearly bills (car insurance, tenant insurance, flickr pro account fee, medical deductible, bcaa membership, webhosting, etc), added them up and then divided by 12. i then put that much money away every month and whenever those bills show up, i already have the money for them. no more scrambling on how i'm going to insure my car or charging it to a credit card with no way of paying it off.

Basics of a Household Budget that Works Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/17/14 01:27 PM

turns out i have a Super Microwave (or something). i tried this technique this morning and set it for 1 minute per slice and i almost had a bacon flambe going on. so much smoke!

next time, much less time.

How To Cook Bacon in the Microwave Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
3/15/14 07:15 PM

i was lucky enough to find a cart exactly the same as the top photo (except in its original hospital blue) in my back lane. it's now a bar/dustbuster/cat food cart in my dining area. it's fab. one day i'll finally re-paint it to cover up some unfortunate stains.

Be Ready to Entertain: High-end and Budget Bar Cart Inspiration, Buys & DIYs
3/11/14 04:56 PM

hardwood floors which reflect light beautifully
open living/dining room layout makes it feel much bigger than it is
huge bathroom
beautiful textured plaster ceiling (no, really)
corner unit
no one lives below me

What Do You Love About Your Home?
2/24/14 05:11 PM

there's lots to love in this tour, but i had to quit part-way through because it started to feel too produced, too perfectly staged and that made me feel uncomfortable. if that makes any sense.

Peggy's Bohemian Beach Home House Tour
2/21/14 12:23 PM

*happy sigh*

Megan and Mike's Contemporary Amsterdam Apartment House Tour
2/5/14 12:33 PM

i just want to know how she glitter paints on the floor without the cat walking through it! =)

Laura Lee’s Bright & Playful Basement Studio House Tour
1/30/14 04:23 PM

noooo! i just browsed through the list and fell in love with several things. sigh, disappoint.

IKEA’s Frosta Stool is Back!: A Retrospective of Projects & Hacks
1/28/14 02:01 PM

kitchen. closely followed by bathroom.

they both need serious overhaul and not just things i can fix by rearranging/replacing furniture or changing the wall art. but, i'm in a rental, so i work with that i've got.

If You Could Redo One Room in Your Home, Which Would It Be?
1/15/14 04:49 PM


Amy & Todd's Mod Chicago Home House Tour
1/15/14 12:15 PM

this is a home, not just a house. and a lovely home, at that. it's nice to see something on AT which isn't perfectly staged and shows true signs of life lived in it. cheers!

John & Laurel's Handcrafted Homestead House Tour
1/14/14 12:28 PM

great space. cute guy.

but... someone should tell the photographer that they should get their dSLR sensor cleaned. i was wholly distracted by the dust spots in most of the photos.

Jonathan's Evolving West Coast Style House Tour
1/13/14 01:26 PM

my mom's been staying with me for almost three weeks (in my one-bedroom apartment, thankyouverymuch). once she goes back home i can finally tackle the deep cleaning and start fresh for 2014.

How Long Does It Take Your Home To Recover From The Holidays?
1/6/14 06:00 PM

omg, please tell me those aren't REAL penguins in that mansion's kitchen.

Super Opulent NYC Mansion Listed for $114 Million Design News 12.17.13
12/17/13 10:59 AM

i can't have a real tree (or facsimile) due to cats, so i cut out a few dozen snowflakes from green paper then stuck them to the wall in a tree-shape, then augmented with some christmas stickers and a giant, pink package bow at the top.

Small Space Solutions: 5 Last-Minute Creative Christmas Trees for Tiny Homes
12/13/13 12:47 PM

i'm super curious about the polar bear (?) on the windowsill.

Before & After: Lisa's Brooklyn Kitchen
Makeover on a Budget

12/9/13 06:08 PM