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I'll take it!

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12/16/13 12:34 PM

Landis, If you can afford it, of course get what you want, but if the point is to compare what is most worth investing in then I'm joining in the praise for the Gulliver. Ours has held up well. Perhaps your friends have the older model with the cheap-o board at the bottom. This was a specific item I checked for when I purchased it because I wanted it to be all solid wood. Luckily, the new models have solid wood slats that the mattress rests on and they are very sturdy. The more important component to invest in is an organic mattress in my opinion. Otherwise you will have to deal with chemical fire retardants and petroleum based foams. Best wishes!

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3/19/12 02:34 PM

Alpaca anything is a big YES!

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12/16/11 12:56 PM

I found two others: one from Restoration Hardware and one from Wendy Anne. I'm leaning toward the Wendy Anne to keep next to the bed. I like the simplicity of it and it looks more solid than the ricketty Jolly Jumper. You do have to check that the basket will fit properly.

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4/7/10 02:22 PM

This is on my list!

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12/1/09 01:28 PM

I guess the debate resurfaces every year but... yes! I too am glad the White House uses a REAL tree which is sustainably farmed, smells good, and gets mulched and put back into the earth from whence it came. On the other hand, artificial trees don't come close to looking real (might as well go with the aluminum ones or something), off-gas nastiness into your home, are made of petroleum products, and once disposed, sit in a landfill forever... it is a bit early for Christmas talk, though.

Apartment Therapy DC | The 2009 White House Christmas Tree
10/23/09 04:36 PM

Yes, I love Dr. Bronner's (lavender). Don't see any point in spending more on those pricey ones, though the bottles are cute. I love foam pumps and do mix with water, but I have a little problem. When mixed with water, something in Dr. Bronner's precipitates out, and I get a milky concoction which settles after a while. Can anyone clue me in on what's going on?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Make Your Own Liquid Hand Soap
9/16/08 01:57 PM