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antlers aside, that is one tacky hotel lobby... while there are some sweet elements (chandelier frieze, wood end tables), it just doesn't feel unified. and as for the antlers - your home (and the rest of you) should be a reflection of yourself, not just a showcase of current trends. antlers may be silly, but people who care enough to pass judgements on someone else's choice of decor are even sillier.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Antler Lamps by Philippe Starck
1/28/09 09:41 PM

why are people wasting their money at starbucks?? get a french press (around $20) and brew your own fair-trade coffee. it's cheaper and tastier, not to mention lighter on your conscience.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What's the First Thing You Cut Back On?
9/29/08 12:26 PM

if you're willing to invest, use a wide-angle lens. they are typically used for interior shots (esp. real estate photos) because they make the room look larger and show more of the space in a single shot.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To: Photograph Your Home
9/17/08 12:40 PM

lifted straight from charles rennie mackintosh, and he's not even cited in the post...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Hand-Painted Frieze Summons Up a Forest The Oregonian
9/13/08 08:00 AM